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September 2004

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Within Temptations new album details
Posted by: Stéphane @ 17:30 CET

Holland's WITHIN TEMPTATION made their U.K. live debut Wednesday night (Sept. 29) at The Scala in London. A full report and photos can be found at RockersDigest.com.

The band, who only released their "Mother Earth" album earlier this month in the U.K., previewed four tracks from forthcoming album, "The Silent Force", which will be released in three formats: a limited digibook version with a DVD bonus, a regular jewel case version, and a version without the booklet, at a special price.

WITHIN TEMPTATION will introduce their new album with a special performace at Le Batlaclan in Paris, France on November 8, 2004. This show will be filmed and will be broadcasted live in several theatres all around Europe.

(source blabbermouth)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Louisa John Krol recording her 5th album
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:44 CET

Louisa is recording her 5th album with Brett Taylor & Harry Williamson. Guest artists include Jenni Heinrich & Bronwyn Lloyd,Belgian harpist Keltia and German experimentalist Mathias Grassow. She recently recorded guest vocals for gothic/darkwave band Ikonand Stella Maris / Das Zeichen and began working with Sydney ambient artist Ashera. Her recital of Saaroth’s poetry appears on his newly released album:“Asphodele” by Legousia Hybrida on his new label Ekishnugal. Production on albums with Daemonia Nymphe, Gor, Stoa and Oophoi continues.

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Ataraxia's vittorio vandelli to do solo project based on S.T.Coleridge
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:39 CET

Vittorio Vandelli
' A Day of warm Rain in Heaven '

"Alone, alone on a wide wide sea ! and never a saint
took pity on my soul in agony.
I looked to heaven and tried to pray but or even a prayer had gusht,
a wicked whisper came and made my heart as dry as dust.
Since then, at an uncertain hour, that agony returns and till
my ghastly tale is told, this heart within me burns."
S.T. Coleridge

CD digipack available from September 20th 2004 by Equilibrium Music - Portugal
Vittorio Vandelli's first soloist album, 'A Day of warm Rain in Heaven', transposes
into music the romantic opus of S.T. Coleridge, 'The rhyme of the ancient mariner',
an odissey through sin, death and re-birth until the achievement of wisdom.
The trip of the protagonist reflects Vittorio's existential experience, a spiritual
experience that each of us could be called to live. The ability to sublimate all of this
into music seems to be the only way to fight the tempest and survive the storming
sea. Ambient tunes alternate with timeless ballads; short industrial moments
precede ethereal compositions; soft-electronic episodes follow hypnotic lullabies
and atmospheric airs introduce moving sonatas in his unique style.
Vittorio felt the urge to follow the creative processus from the beginning to the end
starting from the musical idea, passing through execution and finally reaching
recording and mixing. This album features Francesca Nicoli on vocals who has
been able to confer even more pathos and strenght to the music. Her vocal work is
the result of a sudden enlightenment after the very first listening of the tracks.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Lacuna coil in studio early next year
Posted by: Stéphane @ 7:06 CET

LACUNA COIL frontwoman Cristina Scabbia and guitarist Cristiano Migliore have spoken to Billboard.com about their burgeoning success in the wake of the group's appearance at this year's Ozzfest festival. The group's latest Century Media album, "Comalies" (2002), has sold 147,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, becoming the label's first release to break the 100,000 barrier.

"We're really proud to be considered a breakout band, but I'm really scared about those names, because it's kind of like a bad luck thing," Scabbia told Billboard.com. "We try not to think about it. We're really easy-going people, so we don't want to act like rock stars, stuff like that. [We] just want to be satisfied with our music, we just want to enjoy what we do."

Migliore says the band's post-Ozzfest plans include a return to Milan and some time off before beginning a new album. "We'll start working on the new stuff and hopefully we'll start [recording] in January or February so the album can be out by May," he says.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

CD Review : Tangerine Dream "phaedra"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:00 CET

Review by nebulae architect
check it here!

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

Korpiklaani: new album [updated]
Posted by: Matze @ 9:14 CET

Korpiklaani - incl. new guitarist Cane - have started recording their second album "Voice Of Wilderness" in early August at Fantom studios in Tampere (Fin) with producer/recording engineer Samu Oittinen. As of today most of the recordings seem to be complete with just a few "details" left to do.

Known song titles are:

* Old tale
* Journey man
* Hunting song
* Native land
* Kädet siipinä / Hands as the wings
* Cottages & Saunas
* Beer song
* Spirit of the forest
* Pine woods
* Fields in flames
* Ryyppäjäiset / Drunkparty

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

Radio playlist updated
Posted by: Stéphane @ 14:48 CET

Check radioactivy board.

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CD Review : Philip Glass "Glassworks"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 14:25 CET

Minimalist neoclassical composer's art's review can be read here...

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