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August 2003

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Posted by: Matze @ 18:42 CET

Somehow we forgot to mention that Moonsorrows third album "Kivenkantaja" was released in March 03. There's also a new URL for the website:


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Waylander news
Posted by: Matze @ 18:18 CET

"The Circle is complete. Waylander are proud to announce their new Guitarist, as Kevin Canavan from GamaBomb.

"The album nears completion - there will be 8 songs in total and the tentative plan at the moment is to record with Stuart Anstis of C.O.F. fame, sometime in September, meaning a release date of 2003.

"Waylander are now busy preparing songs for their appearance at the Bloodstock festival in England at the end of August, where it is hoped to play 3 brand new songs as well as the old favourites.

"Plans to playin Ireland with the legendary Sabbat, at the end of September are at an advanced stage. With gig offers pouring in, this is looking like Waylander's busiest and most exciting year yet !!!" Irish Pagan Metallers WAYLANDER are back !!

source: http://www.metalprovider.com/waylander/

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

David Bowie: new album release date
Posted by: Matze @ 21:30 CET

David Bowie's new album "Reality" will be released on September 15th.

1.New Killer Star
2.Pablo Picasso
3.Never Get Old
4.The Loneliest Guy
5.Looking For Water
6.She'll Drive The Big Car
8.Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
9.Try Some, Buy Some
11.Bring Me The Disco King

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Liv Kristin out of Theatre of Tragedy!
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:49 CET

It is with mixed emotions that we hereby announce the band?s decision to part with singer Liv Kristine. Having worked together for almost ten years, we have now reached a point where we find ourselves with differences of opinion that cannot be bridged, and completely incompatible sets of ideas for the band?s further development.

The rest of the band will continue working with full force under the name Theatre of Tragedy, and sees this as an opportunity for further musical experimentation and evolution. This also involves finding a new, permanent, female singer, although not necessarily a replacement for Liv.

Let it be said that there is no animosity from the band towards Liv, and we wish her all the best with her work.

Raymond, Lorentz, Hein, Frank and Vegard

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

People in the UK, help Skyclad! :D [update]
Posted by: Matze @ 7:38 CET

Swords single re-release 1st September.

It appears that Dreamcatcher have decided to re-release the single 'Swords of 1000 Men' in the UK. This release has been decided at short notice and is set to promote the Skyclad name to the masses before the release of the new album, more information about the release should be available on the Dreamcatcher site or the Demolition site over the next few days. The important thing is that all the Skyclad fans in the UK could really help the band out here because it seems that if everyone went down to VIRGIN (and it has to be Virgin) and bought at least 100 copies each in the first few days of release which is the week starting 1st September then it might reach the lower regions of the official charts and might even get Skyclad on to some radio play lists !! Or you could pre-ordered a copy of said single within the next 7 days which will also help lots. This, we hope you'll understand, could help raise the band's profile immensely which is important with a new album on the way. The Clad needs you to make it happen - so please spread the good word.

source: official Skyclad homepage

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Finntroll - More Humppa!!
Posted by: Max @ 7:24 CET

According to Trollhorn, the keyboard-player of Finnish Finntroll, the band will enter the studio in November to record the follow-up to their "acoustic experiment" "Visor Om Slutet". The next album is promised by the early spring 2004 and will be the Troll's first realease with the new guitarist Mikael "Mosso" Karlbom.

"At this point we have about 30 minutes of material," Trollhorn says, "and I can assure you it will be our best album yet. Combining the melodies of "Jaktens Tid", the rawness and sheer maliciousness from "Midnattens Widunder" and the epicness of "Visor om Slutet", it should be a killer!"

Keep checking this website for more updates.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Lake Of Tears - Return of ravens?!!
Posted by: Max @ 8:50 CET

The following is taken from the official website of Swedish wizards Lake Of Tears:

"I, Mikael and Johan have discussed playing together again and we will probably try it out in next week (if we can get our things together). It's been like four years so it will be really interesting. Anyway, if the feeling is there again (I think it may be, now when Black Mark is gone and all) ... there may be a record out next year (and hopefully some shows). Let's see ..." (Daniel Brennare).

Just to remind you that Lake Of Tears was recently put to rest, after the release of their "farewell" album "The Neonai". But now they seem to return...

Fingers crossed!

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Radio playlist updated
Posted by: Stéphane @ 16:42 CET

Just to let you know I've updated our playlist.

Check it here!

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Friday, August 22, 2003

Dark Muse Interview Pt 1
Posted by: Pax @ 22:25 CET

Part 1 of the Much Anticipated Dark Muse Interview is now posted.

No, this is not a hoax.

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Manowar: Hell on Earth Pt 3+4
Posted by: Pax @ 19:50 CET

From The Kingdom of Steel:

MANOWAR is in the final stages of mixing Hell On Earth Part 3 video (completely in 5.1 audio). Hell On Earth Part 3 and Hell On Earth Part 4 are certain to be instant heavy metal video classics. Famed film and music video director Neil Johnson is back at the helm as well as a huge MANOWAR fan himself and states "These videos cannot be compared to anything produced to date as they achieved a new standard for heavy-metal and music videos, a MANOWAR standard, which includes the newest technologies, featuring over 60 camera angles, live footage from across the world and the wildest, craziest and heaviest metal fans anywhere".

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Tristania- back with a blast!
Posted by: Pax @ 19:39 CET

From www.tristania.com

21st of August 2003 - New album in progress
The new songs are taking shape, and we plan to hit the studio to record the new one early 2004. We are all very excited about the new song material, and we hope that 2004 will bring a Tristania album with innovative and interesting metal music.

21st of August 2003 - Record Label
Tristania have now fulfilled our obligations towards Napalm Records after 3 full length albums, and we are currently comparing different offers from labels. The band will make the decision regarding which label want to collaborate with in the future during the next couple of months.

21st of August 2003 - Touring in 2004
The members of Tristania are eager to record the new album and we are all looking forward to a lot of touring in 2004!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Former JUDAS PRIEST Singer TIM OWENS Officially Joins ICED EARTH!
Posted by: Matze @ 13:21 CET

Former JUDAS PRIEST frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens has officially joined ICED EARTH as the band's new lead singer, according to a posting by ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer on the group's web site.

"Well everyone, it is official," Schaffer writes. "Tim Owens is the new frontman and lead vocalist of ICED EARTH and I couldn't be happier!

"There is no doubt that fate has played a big part in our lives in these last few months and I truly believe that this is the way it was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason!!

"Tim did an outstanding job on [the new ICED EARTH album, 'The Glorious Burden']. In 5 very relaxed days he nailed the parts, and I mean NAILED them, and I don't think I've ever laughed as much and had as much fun in the studio before. He is definitely bringing new life into the band and the future looks very bright for us as a team. Tim knows who he is, what he stands for and is very dedicated, and he's funny as hell, all very important traits!

"One of the greatest things about all of it is that 'The Glorious Burden' is a new beginning. I'm very, very excited to see what Tim and I can do together as a writing team. There is real chemistry between the two of us and I'm 100% confident that [ICED EARTH]'s best work is in our future. I feel like I'm 10 years younger and am having more fun than I've ever had before. I see us having a very long and fulfilling career together!

"The art is done and the layouts are almost there and before you know it the best ICED EARTH album to date will be unleashed. In my opinion, nothing we've ever done comes close to 'The Glorious Burden'. It is by far the best album so far, in all ways, writing, performance and spirit. It is now the way it was meant to be!

"On another bit of news my historical collectibles shop is now open. We are open Friday & Saturday 10:00am to 8:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm. It is truly one of the most unique places in the country. If you love history, art, miniatures, models, battlefield relics, etc.. you've got to come and see Spirit of '76 Collectibles. The web site is in the works and you can get a good look at the shop and a sample of our products at www.spirit-of-76.com. The site is being handled by Todd Brown and he's working on it pretty steadily so try to check back often.

"Look for ICED EARTH on our 'Glorious World Tour' starting in early 2004. I'm so psyched I can hardly wait!!

"The Revolution Is Closer Than Ever Before!!

ICED EARTH's "The Glorious Buren" is due in the fall through SPV Records.

source: blabbermouth.net

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Fiddler's Green: new album release date
Posted by: Matze @ 20:37 CET

The new Fiddler's Green album "NU FOLK"! will be released on 6. Oktober 2003

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Sinergy to record new album in February
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:36 CET

Finland's SINERGY will enter the studio on February 1 for at least six weeks to begin recording their fourth full-length album, tentatively due in June 2004 through Nuclear Blast Records.

"Me and [guitarist] Alexi [Laiho, also in CHILDREN OF BODOM] spent the first two days I was back in Finland [after a recent two-month trip to the States] showing each other new riffs we had, and then we started rehearsing with the band a few days ago," SINERGY singer Kimberly Goss wrote in a recent online posting. "Let me tell you, I'm soooooooo pleased with what we have so far! I can't wait for everyone to hear it!

"The lyrics I've written so far on this next album are not as dark as they were on [last year's] 'Suicide By My Side', but there won't be any lyrics about flowers and rainbows either. [laughs] And definitely no lyrics about elves, kings, swords, battles, thunder or steel. [more laughs]

"We're gonna try some cool new things that we've never done before, like for instance putting a bass solo somewhere in at least one song (or maybe even two or three, who knows?). So it would be two guitar leads and a bass lead all back to back. It should sound killer since our new bassist can do with a bass what Alexi and Roope [Latvala, also in CHILDREN OF BODOM] can do with a guitar!

"So basically we'll be writing and rehearsing new material whenever [CHILDREN OF BODOM] is having breaks from the rest of their tours this year. Then in January we'll do some non-stop rehearsing just before entering the studio. Speaking of studio, we haven't decided where we'll record yet, but we've been exploring many options and we'll make a decision by the end of this month [August]."

In related news, Goss will publish her autobiography in Finland (initially available only in Finnish) in June 2004 to coincide with SINERGY's next album release. As yet untitled, the book will chronicle the life and times of Kimberly, revealing many exclusive stories and facts about her life that she has never even spoken of in any interview. It will dig deep into her early childhood and go onward to tell about the struggles she's faced as a woman in the heavy metal business. You will read stories of child abuse, life growing up in America, her early years in the metal scene, her radical decision to leave her home country in an attempt to turn her passion for heavy metal into a career, exclusive stories about what is was like playing in her first bands and touring with them, the ugly side of the music industry, her personal life, the formation of SINERGY, and much, much more. The book will also feature many never before seen pictures from her childhood and of her adventures traveling throughout the world with various bands. The biographer also plans to interview many other people in Kimberly's life ? past and present, friends and foes ? in order to present "more than just Kimberly's version of the events chronicled in the book."

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Skyclad news
Posted by: Matze @ 20:36 CET

... from demolitionrecords.com:

"SKYCLAD.... have just returned home from a series of highly successful Outdoor European Festivals, including headlining Germany's "DONG FESTIVAL", and a special guest appearance on the UK's "HAWKFEST". The band are still hard at work in the studio, putting the finishing touches to the recording of their new opus "A Semblance of Normality". Recorded tracks include 'The Parliament of Fools', 'The Song of No-involvement', 'Campaign', 'The Genius of the Shire' (parts 1&2), 'Like?(A Ballad for the Disenchanted)', 'Anotherdrinkingsong', 'Lightening the Load', 'The Roman Wall Blues', 'A Good Day to Bury Bad News', 'Do They Mean Us?', 'Hybrid Blues', 'They Think Its All Over...' and 'Ten Little Kingdoms'. Release is now scheduled for Jan/Feb 2004, to be preceded with a single and promo video in November 2003.

The band take time out from the recording of their new CD to play a rare UK show at HARTLEPOOL's "THE STUDIO" on August 30th.."

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New Blackmore's Night american release will contain video
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:35 CET

The North American edition of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT's "Ghost Of A Rose" CD, scheduled for release on August 26 through SPV Records, will include as a special bonus the video for the track "Way To Mandalay", filmed in the salt mines at Krakow, Poland. "Ghost Of A Rose" features former DEEP PURPLE/RAINBOW guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night alongside the following guest musicians: Lady Nancy and Lady Madeline (harmony vocals on "Ghost Of A Rose" and "Way To Mandalay"), Bard David of Larchmont (backing vocals on "All For One"), Pat Regan and Minstrel Hall Consort (keyboards), Tim Cotov (backing vocals on "All For One"), Lord Marnen of Wolfhurst (violin), Mike Sorrentino (drums, percussion), and Sir Robert of Normandie (bass).

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CD Review : Elane "Der nachtwald"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:56 CET

For me, it's the discovery of the year.

check my review here.

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Monday, August 18, 2003

CD Review: Dream Evil - "Dragonslayer"
Posted by: Max @ 8:03 CET

Here's a few thoughts about Fredrik Nordstrom and Snowy Shaw's new project, Dream Evil. Check it out.

edit Matze: Max has also reviewed Darkthrone's "Hate Them". Read the reviews here and here respectively.

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Korpiklaani: new album - mp3 clip
Posted by: Matze @ 22:55 CET

Jonne from Korpiklaani (the artists formerly known has Shaman [Fin]) sent in the following message:

'New Korpiklaani album "Spirit of the forest" will come out 10. November trough Napalm Records.

Album sample, here you go;


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CD Review : Blackmore's Night "Shadow of the moon"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:20 CET

Renaissance faire music lovers go and read that review!

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Radio playlist updated
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:24 CET

The actual random playlist is here.

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CD Review : Jean Luc Ponty "Individual Choice"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:46 CET

Where jazz fusion crosses the frontier of new age and electronic repetitive music. Check that weird gem here!

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Tiamat new album details
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:58 CET

TIAMAT have finalized the track listing for their eighth studio album, "Prey", due on October 27 through Century Media Records.

The self-produced CD, which is being described as one of mainman Johan Edlund's most personal recorded statements to date, was mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland. Although it is not a concept album, there is a strong unifying theme running through each of the 13 tracks.

The complete track listing for "Prey" is as follows:

01. Cain
02. Ten Thousand Tentacles
03. Wings Of Heaven
04. Love In Chains
05. Divided
06. Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine
07. Triple Cross
08. Light In Extension
09. Prey
10. The Garden Of Heathen
11. Clovenhoof
12. Nihil
13. The Pentagram

The album's first single, "Cain", will be released on September 29. "Cain" will contain a radio edit of the album opener, the straight, up-tempo rocker "Love In Chains", and an exclusive cover version of the old W.A.S.P. classic "Sleeping (In The Fire)" ? all packaged in a nice digipak with cover artwork by Edlund himself.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

CD Review : Fiddler's Green "Folk Raider"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:06 CET

Here's my latest review. Independant folk rock band Fiddler's Green's newest release "Folk Raider".
You can read it here

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Worthy unknown artist : Elane
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:41 CET

Matze will add the link to their site soon in our link section.

Check them, they're worth an ear (and more) :D

Here's my little introduction to that band.

WUBA : Elane

Feel free to react.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Falconer's new cd is ready
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:00 CET

Swedish Kings of Metal FALCONER have finished the recordings for their
third album "The Sceptre Of Deception"! Here's the news we just got from
mainman Stefan Weinerhall: "This album is a concept album about greed,
falseness and megalomania in the 13 hundreds in Sweden. It is based upon
a true story. Actually, a concept album to me is always a bit hard to
listen to and sort of strange with all those short 'who cares songs'
between the real ones. This one is not like that, but is a normal
FALCONER album with some more variations and unexpected turns. Well, the
fact that we've changed the singer makes it not 100% a 'normal' FALCONER
album. I can promise a lot of guest appearances and that alone makes the
album more varied. We are so very satisfied with the album since the
last year has brought so many new things to the band like more members,
live gigs and the feeling of 'a real band'. Now we can't wait to get the
album out and get out there and promote it live!"

The tracklist for "The Sceptre Of Deception":

1 The Coronation
2 Trail of flames
3 Under the sword
4 Night of infamy
5 Hooves over northland
6 Pledge for freedom
7 Ravenhair
8 The sceptre of deception
9 Hear me pray
10 Child of innocence

This third FALCONER album will be released on 6 October!

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

New Radio Playlist
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:29 CET

Have added a song to our playlist.

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Saturday, August 9, 2003

Memory Garden negociating new record deal
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:08 CET

Stockholm, Sweden's MEMORY GARDEN, the band featuring former ABSKTRAKT ALGEBRA guitarist Simon Johansson, are in talks with an as-yet-undisclosed label about a new record deal for the group. "It all seems very promising and we really hope it all will turn out well," Johansson writes on the band's web site. "We can't give you any details for the moment but we thought it might be fun to tell you that something is happening in our garden...:) As it looks right now we will record in the fall together with [producer/MERCYFUL FATE guitarist] Mike Wead and we are aiming for an early 2004 release."

MEMORY GARDEN's forthcoming album, tentatively titled "Carnage Carnival", will be the group's first since their split with Metal Blade Records early last year. Among the tracks set to appear on the CD are "Beggars Anthem" (mp3), "Another Night" (mp3), "Endless Fears" (mp3), "Carnage Carnival" (mp3), "The Bitter End" (mp3) and "Dominion" (mp3).

MEMORY GARDEN have been confirmed for the Wretstock festival in Vretstorp, Sweden on Aug. 8-9.

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G3 Tour : Satriani+Vai+Malmsteen
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:05 CET

JOE SATRIANI, STEVE VAI, and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will be teaming up for the G3 '03 tour beginning in early October. The only date announced so far is October 11 in San Diego, California at Humphrey's By The Bay. Tickets for the show go on sale on August 16 at 10:00 a.m., and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. A lot more dates will be announced soon.

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Primus reunite!
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:03 CET

The original lineup of PRIMUS ? Les Claypool (bass/vocals), Tim "Herb" Alexander (drums) and Larry "Ler" Lalonde (guitar) ? has reformed after a four-year hiatus and has recorded five new songs for inclusion on the upcoming DVD/CD set, "Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People", due October 7 on Prawn Song/Interscope Records.

According to the official Les Claypool newsletter, the DVD will contain all 13 PRIMUS videos, including the little-seen "Lacquer Head" (an anti-drug clip banned by MTV for its drug references), along with 1992's "Cheesy Home Video" documentary, award-winning cartoon "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", and previously unreleased live footage.

Live performances on the DVD cover every single era of the band's career, from a 1989 college radio appearance, to Woodstock '94, to latter-day shows with Brain. A rarities section even includes pre-Larry and Tim performances from the Eighties with first guitarist Todd Huth, and drummers Jay Lane and Tim "Curveball" Wright.

The five brand-new cuts recorded for the collection are as follows:

01. Pilcher's Squad
02. Mary the Ice Cube
03. The Last Superpower aka Rapscallion
04. My Friend Fats
05. The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride

The new songs were recorded in June during a session at Rancho Relaxo. Some of these musical ideas were generated in May in Los Angeles, when Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde and Tim Alexander first got back together and spent three days jamming, testing the waters, feeling each other out and working on new jams.

"The track 'Pilcher's Squad' was written and recorded in one afternoon," stated Les. "The lyric was inspired by the activities of the notorious Sgt. Norman Pilcher, a London police detective that used to bust Pop stars (including John Lennon and George Harrison) in the late sixties for drug possession. He was later convicted and subsequently jailed six years for planting evidence."

Regarding the idea behind the package, Claypool said, "It seems of late that bands are adding supplemental DVD material to their album releases to promote record sales. We've done the opposite. We've added a supplemental audio recording of brand new music to an extremely comprehensive DVD of classic visuals. Also, we've enlisted the incredible talents of some local artists to create a cutting edge, interactive interface."

The band will promote the package with a limited run of shows starting Oct. 15. Dubbed "Tour de Fromage", the trek will feature PRIMUS offering an opening set that varies nightly followed by the full performance of 1991's "Sailing the Seas of Cheese".

Confirmed shows so far are include the following:

Oct. 17 ? Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern Theatre
Oct. 21 ? Denver, CO @ The Fillmore
Oct. 31 ? San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield

"The spontaneous visual presentation and the varied song selection will insure that no two performances will be the same," said Claypool, who has spent the last three years creating and collaborating on a range of projects with a wide array of influential musicians. "It has been an incredible period of growth for me as an artist and performer. And one thing I have gained from this time away from PRIMUS is a huge respect for the unique creative chemistry that Larry, Tim and I have together."

In other news, San Francisco photographer Jay Blakesberg is publishing a photographic history of PRIMUS and all of Les Claypool's solo projects. The 192-page hard covered "To Defy The Laws of Tradition - Photographic Archive of Primus & Les Claypool" features over 800 shots (at last count) culled from Blakesberg's 10,000+ image archive of PRIMUS, HOLY MACKEREL, SAUSAGE, OYSTERHEAD, and FROG BRIGADE photos. Les Claypool and others contribute essays to this one of a kind, limited-edition, numbered collector's item.

Available for $100 (including shipping and handling) only through the PRIMUS and LES CLAYPOOL web sites (no bookstores), "To Defy The Laws of Tradition?" will be signed by Les Claypool and Jay Blakesberg and will come in a special handmade box. This will be a one-time-only printing.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, send an e-mail to primusbook@blakesberg.com and write 'YES' in the subject line (this does not commit you to purchasing anything). Your response will help the band judge how big a press run they will need to satisfy PRIMUS aficionados (right now the print run is scheduled to be 2000 copies). Books will be shipped in October.

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Thursday, August 7, 2003

CD Review : Rapture "Songs for the Withering"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:23 CET

Review by Uncle Brazzie.

Read it here!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Gig Review : Dong Open Air 2003
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:16 CET

review by Matze

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CD Review : Ulver "Themes from William Blake's Marriage of..."
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:44 CET

...heaven and hell"

Review by Uncle Brazzie. Read it here

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To Die For seeking new singer
Posted by: Stéphane @ 8:04 CET

Jape Perätalo, vocalist for Finnish goth metallers TO/DIE/FOR, has left the band due to a "lack of motivation."

"We've come to the point where we didn't expect to come," the band said in an official statement. "Jape decided to end his career in TO/DIE/FOR.

"We wish him good luck in whatever he is going to do. Thanks for great times with the band. We are definitely going to continue the band as TO/DIE/FOR.

"Now it's time for us to look for a new singer who can fill the huge hole which Jape left."

TO/DIE/FOR's most recent CD, "Jaded", was released in March through Spinefarm Records (Nuclear Blast in continental Europe). The follow-up to 2001's "Epilogue" featured guest vocals by former SINERGY and current NIGHTWISH bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala.

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Crematory reunion
Posted by: Stéphane @ 8:04 CET

German melodic gothic metal band CREMATORY, who split up in 2001 after a successful, decade-long career, have officially reformed and are preparing to enter the studio to record a new studio album, tentatively titled "Revolution". The follow-up to 2000's "Believe" is scheduled for release on March 1, 2004 through Nuclear Blast Records.

"THE COMEBACK IS PERFECT!" the band write on their official web site.

"The wait is over!!!!! The never ending belief of the fans in CREMATORY is finally rewarded!!! CREMATORY will come back!!!

"After a three-year hiatus, CREMATORY has determined to give the fans what they craved for. The comeback! After a sufficient break the individual members of the band realized that something substantial was missing in their life. The music! The music that installed CREMATORY as Germany's leading Gothic Metal band and made many fans elated in the end.

"The new songs have been recorded in rough versions and are currently being finalized with the finishing touches before CREMATORY enter the studio to complete the new album.

"The release is set for [March 1, 2004]. The new album with the working title 'Revolution' will be distributed again worldwide by Nuclear Blast. And a revolution is what this new masterpiece will be because CREMATORY have intensified their successful musical style even further and furnished it with highly interesting elements.

"Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!"

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Monday, August 4, 2003

CD Review : Nevermore "Enemies of Reality"
Posted by: Pax @ 7:32 CET

New Review: Nevermore: Enemies of Reality
-Go now!

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Sunday, August 3, 2003

Misfits Project 1950
Posted by: Matze @ 11:00 CET

MISFITS have released "Misfits Project 1950" on July 28 through Misfits Records in association with Rykodisc. Founding member Jerry Only has recruited Marky Ramone and former BLACK FLAG guitarist Dez Cadena on an album full of classic 1950s hits, including "Donna" by Richie Valens. 1960's pop-rock icon Ronnie Spector known for the classic hits "Be My Baby" and "Baby I Love You", lends her inimitable vocals to "This Magic Moment" and "You Belong to Me". Jimmy Destri of BLONDIE contributes his expertise on keyboards for the cuts "Runaway" and "Great Balls of Fire". Also featured is long time MISFITS collaborator John Cafiero (of the upcoming Misfits Records release "Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk") contributing melodic punk-pop backing vocals to "Dream Lover", "Monster Mash" and "Runaway". Ed Manion, who has performed with a wide variety of artists, including Del Shannon, provides saxophone for "Diana" and "Runaway". Download an MP3 clip of "Runaway" at this location.

source: blabbermouth

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John O Fathaigh leaves Cruachan again
Posted by: Matze @ 10:13 CET

"Yes John has parted ways with us yet again and we wholeheartedly apologise to each and everyone of our fans for this ridiculous situation. His reasons for leaving are again "personal" and we are very unhappy that he wasted our time by coming back in the first place. We will find a replacement and we will continue to tour with a guest musician. What does not kill us only makes us stronger!
/Keith Fay."

source: official Cruachan homepage

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Tempest: new album
Posted by: Matze @ 10:05 CET

The new Tempest album "Shapeshifter" was released on May 20th. Some soundbites are available for a listen on the band's 'Discography' page.

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Blaze: Bang Your Head 04?
Posted by: Matze @ 9:59 CET

"After a storming set at this years 'Bang Your Head' festival in germany on the Friday night... it looks like B L A Z E will be asked to appear on the MAIN STAGE at BYH '04 of course... this is only rumor at this stage (from Real World's post on the BBB), and is only confirmed when it appears on Planet Blaze. But heres hoping :)"

source: blazefans.com

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Saturday, August 2, 2003

Live Review: RHCP (Berlin)
Posted by: Matze @ 16:31 CET

(Short) Review by Matze

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Dream Theater are mixing new cd
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:13 CET

DREAM THEATER are scheduled to begin mixing their new studio album in mid-August with producer Kevin Shirley (IRON MAIDEN, LED ZEPPELIN), according to a post on Shirley's web site. The follow-up to 2002's "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" is due at the end of the year through Elektra Records

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Friday, August 1, 2003

Living Colour: new album
Posted by: Matze @ 15:55 CET

LIVING COLOUR have set "Collideoscope" as the title for their long-awaited new album, due on September 22 through Mayan Records/Sanctuary.

The complete track listing for "Collideoscope" is as follows:

01. Song Without Sin
02. A ? Of When
03. Operation Mind Control
04. Flying
05. In Your Name
06. Back In Black
07. Nightmare City
08. Lost Halo
09. Holy Roller
10. Great Expectations
11. Choices Mash Up
12. Happy Shopper
13. Pocket Of Tears
14. Sacred Ground
15. Tomorrow Never Knows
16. Nova

LIVING COLOUR "Collideascope" European Tour 2003:

Sep. 20 - Leffengeleuhrue Festival - Leffinge, BEL
Sep. 21 - Podium - Hardenberg, NETH
Sep. 22 - Melkweg - Amsterdam, NETH
Sep. 26 - Tollhaus ? Karlsruhe, GER
Sep. 27 - Posthof - Linz, AUT
Sep. 29 - Reigen - Vienna, AUT
Oct. 01 - Jazzhouse - Freiburg, GER
Oct. 02 - Treibhaus - Innsbruck. AUT
Oct. 04 - Z-7 - Basel, SWI
Oct. 05 - Backstage - Munich, GER
Oct. 06 - E-Werk - Cologne, GER
Oct. 07 - Fuernache - Mannheim, GER
Oct. 08 - Columbia Fritz - Berlin, GER
Oct. 09 - Fabrik - Hamburg, GER

source: blabbermouth

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Tim "Ripper Owens" joins Iced Earth
Posted by: Stéphane @ 13:17 CET

It has been announced : ex Judas Priest singer, Tim Ripper Owens joins Iced Earth

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Satan reunion gig?
Posted by: Matze @ 0:11 CET

It's rumored that Satan (feat. Bean and Steve of Skyclad and Brian Ross of Blitzkrieg) will play a reunion show at "Keep it True" festival in 2004.

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