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June 2002

Sunday, June 30, 2002

UMO board. 1st file : New age music
Posted by: Stéphane @ 22:32 CET

Here's a new project i had for some time. The UMO files (unidentified musical objects).
First file : New age music. Check it!

New age for doomies!

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Interview with Kevin Ridley (Skyclad)
Posted by: Stéphane @ 15:51 CET

feel free to check the email interview I and Christophe Gres ("A rebours" fanzine) did with Kevin Ridley (Skyclad).

here it is :

Interview with Kevin Ridley

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Lake of Tears move the date (again)
Posted by: Max @ 14:24 CET

The release of LAKE OF TEARS new album "The Neonai" moved again. The new date is 26th August (the previous one was 22-nd July; the one before - end of June, before that - April, before that - February, before that - November 2001, before that - late summer 2001, etc, etc.).

Anyone surprised???

Edit Matze: A three-song-snippet-mp3 from "The Neonai" is available here.

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Saturday, June 29, 2002

Blaze: Jeffo back on tour
Posted by: Matze @ 11:20 CET

from www.planetblaze.com

We are please to tell you that [Blaze drummer Jeff Singer] returned to the 'throne' on Thursday and played a great gig. Once again, we would like to thank Johnny for standing in!!!

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Jughead Delayed?
Posted by: Matze @ 11:04 CET

Based on a listing at Amazon.com, it appears that Ty's [Tabor, King's X] Jughead project has been delayed until August 13, 2002. source: Kramer's Korner

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Misfits Fiend Store: Grand Opening!
Posted by: Matze @ 10:59 CET

From www.misfits.com:

Our brand new Online Misfits Fiend Store is now open and fully functional offering a huge assortment of Misfits merchandise including the new split CD single "Day the Earth Caught Fire". All under one roof, fiends can finally find every Misfits T- shirt design we make - available in all sizes! Plus Misfits CDs, baby T's, hoodies, hats, Jewelry, posters, stickers, buttons and lots more! If it's out there, chances are we've got it in our vaults.

Misfits Fiend Store

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Tom Waits: Real-Video Stuff
Posted by: Matze @ 10:44 CET

Tom Waits "God's Away On Business" video and "EPK" for "Alice" and "Blood Money" streaming on ANTI.com

The Tom Waits video for "God's Away On Business" (Directed by Jesse Dylan) will go live on Monday, June 17th. The Tom Waits "EPK" which includes exclusive interview footage is about thirty minutes long and will be edited down into four parts that will be distributed over a period of about eight weeks.

The exact schedule is as follows:

06-17-02: "God's Away On Business" video

07-01-02: Tom Waits "EPK" part one

07-15-02: Tom Waits "EPK" part two

07-29-02: Tom Waits "EPK" part three

08-12-02: Tom Waits "EPK" part four

source: Anti Records

The "God's Away On Business" video is available at this location - just click on one of the tv-symbols in the track list.

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Friday, June 28, 2002

Evergrey news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:04 CET

"The 2nd week of September Neil Kernon is flying in to start record our 4th album with the work name "Recreation Day" we are so looking forward to this as we feel we will be a GREAT team .

The songwriting is going extremely well as a matter of fact I today brought home two new songs with me and I am listening to them right now and must say it sounds fuckin great .... "more of everything "is something we live by so you know what to expect.

we have probably or most likely found a new keyboardplayer who is also contributing in the songwriting in a GREAT way but we wont announce or go public with this until we are totally sure of where we stand , so stay tuned on this one ..... "

Source : Evergrey official site.

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Thursday, June 27, 2002

New Manowar Concert
Posted by: Pax @ 3:18 CET

From Manowar.com:

MANOWAR will be performing Saturday June 29, 2002 at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark. The band is scheduled to take the Orange Stage (main stage) at 7:30PM

The WWWW will set up a MANOWAR fan meeting point for fans from all over the world to get together and meet. The MANOWAR fans meeting point will be the area next to the official MANOWAR merchandise stand. Be prepared for the show of the summer.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Al Pitrelli / Jeff Waters swapping!
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:36 CET

Jeff Waters (annihilator) has decided to give a hand to Savatage as tour guitarist cause Al pitrelli is unable to do the summer european tour. Of course this is only a temporary replacement or maybe not... who knows with Al pitrelli? Has his unability to tour with savatage any link with the following news taken from blabbermouth.net

"MEGADETH alumni David Ellefson (bass), Jimmy DeGrasso (drums), Al Pitrelli (guitar) and Marty Friedman (guitar) have formed a new band together, and are in search of vocalist. A band moniker has yet to be disclosed.

To audition for the vocalist opening, please send material (i.e. CD/tape, photo, bio, etc.) to Entertainment Services Unlimited at:

Entertainment Services Unlimited
Main Street Plaza 1000
Suite 303
Voorhees, NJ 08043 "

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New Dreaditorial
Posted by: Pax @ 7:49 CET

Added a new Dreaditorial on the board. It's a wee bit on the controversial side, but BJ insisted I put it up, so enjoy!

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Monday, June 24, 2002

New Review
Posted by: Pax @ 0:04 CET

I've added a review of the killer new album Oh My God from Jeff Witzeman and the Jealous Housewives. Go now!

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Sunday, June 23, 2002

The Gathering: New mini album out now!
Posted by: Matze @ 21:21 CET

New mini album Black Light District out now!

Dear people,

We, the band, are proud to announce the release of the new mini CD Black Light District.
This mini-album marks the 12œ-year anniversary of The Gathering. Starting as a group of friends in a shed making metal-oriented music with a twist, we have evolved into a band that thrives on experimenting and freedom in doing what we want to do best: making music!

Today, we have our own label, Psychonaut Records, to ensure total creative freedom. Black Light District and the upcoming full-length album will be the first completely new releases on this label. The material for these albums has been written during a time of stress, both professional and personal, making the material dark and gloomy. Black Light District is out now, to celebrate 12œ years of music and friendship with you, our dedicated fans. It contains 3 songs (a mere 25 minutes of music, including the epic title track, clocking 16 minutes, and the modern and catchy 'Debris'), and a multimedia part showing the band working in the studio with producer Zlaya Hadzich and exclusive rockumentary video material!

First, Black Light District will be released on the Internet only. Psychonaut Records is working with 4Tune Shop, where you can order a copy directly by credit card or bank account.

Please visit
and order your copy today!

We will promote this new mini CD by playing on several festivals in August, and by making a club tour in The Netherlands and Belgium in October/November. After the full-length release (Spring 2003), The Gathering will start an intensive tour throughout the world.

Black Light District proves that even after all these years, we are still exploring our musical boundaries, always searching for new ways to express ourselves. And now that we have taken matters into our own hands, who is going to stop us?

Kind musical regards,
The Gathering


order Black Light District now

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Amon Amarth news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:29 CET

Sweden's AMON AMARTH have set Versus The World as the title of their forthcoming CD, which is due to be recorded at Berno Studios in Malmo, Sweden in August for a late 2002 release through Metal Blade Records. Among the cuts set to be included on the CD are the following:

01. Bloodshed
02. Vs. The World
03. ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be
04. Death In Fire
05. Across The Rainbow Bridge
06. For The Stabwounds In Our Backs

Source : blabbermouth.net

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Blaze temporary hires a new drummer
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:27 CET

Britain's BLAZE, led by former IRON MAIDEN/WOLFSBANE frontman Blaze Bayley, are utilizing the services of DORO/BRITNY FOX drummer Johnny Dee for the remainder of the group's European tour with OVERKILL after regular skinsman Jeff Singer's brother became very ill, thus causing the band to cancel their appearance with at Biebob in Vosselaar, Belgium on Sunday, June 16th.

Source : blabbermouth.net

edit Matze: a photo of Johnny Dee playing with Blaze is is up here:

RockHarz 02 picture gallery

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Greece ROCKWAVE festival cancelled!
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:25 CET

Greece's much-anticipated Rockwave Festival, previously scheduled to be held on July 1-3 at the Athens Horse Training Park (KEIPP) in Athens, has been officially cancelled.

The event, which was set to include appearances by SLAYER, DREAM THEATER, HALFORD, IN FLAMES, JAG PANZER, MOTÖRHEAD, NEVERMORE, OPETH, PARADISE LOST, and RUNNING WILD, was called off due to "undercover coordinated actions from various parties," according to an official statement released by the festival organizers, Big Star Promotion.

Among the reasons given for the cancellation are: 1) The Mayor of Hellenikon refusing, without reason, to give permission for the festival, 2) The Police Department of Hellenikon and its supervising authority, the General Administrative Police Department of Athens, invoking, without justification, hypothetical and non-existent perils for the public safety, stating their unwillingness and weakness to provide any kind of protection, and 3) The Ministry of Transportation and Communication and the Civil Air Transportation Services withdrawing from responsibilities deriving from mutually-signed agreement between Big Star Promotion and the aforementioned.

Source : blabbermouth.net

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Rhapsody changes of plans
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:20 CET

After a long meeting with their record company the following decisions were taken from the band...
The project 'Rhapsody in Black' will never see the light for the band's will of not connect itself with a kind of metal often in contrast with the message Rhapsody gave from the beginning...
The 'Lord of the Rings' album won't be realized for problems of copyright...
The 5th Rhapsody album is scheduled for September 2003 (the single should be out in August)... the concept is decided but at the moment considered 'top secret'... wait for something really special!

Source : perpetual motion boards

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Friday, June 21, 2002

Royalty rates for webradios announced
Posted by: Stéphane @ 6:06 CET

Royalty Rates Announced
The Librarian of Congress has released the Digital Sound Recording Performance (DSRP) royalties, at seven one-hundredth of a cent, per song, per performance, per listener. There was no percentage of revenue alternative offered.

Live365 is disappointed by this rate, and its potential impact on the Independent Webcasting community. We intend to do whatever we can to further the cause of the Radio Revolution for the long haul!

For the details of rates, go there :
Rates detailed

In short, what does it mean for Live365?
On the 1th of September, they will have to pay this :
07 cents per song per listener PLUS %8.8 ephemeral fee. AND, this is all retroactive back to 1998.

Small internet providers will be affected.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

New The Gathering mp3
Posted by: Matze @ 9:08 CET

An mp3 of "Debris" from The Gathering's upcoming mini-CD Black Light District is available at the band's official hopage.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Jethro Tull : "living with the past" review
Posted by: Stéphane @ 17:36 CET

Cladman has reviewed the Jethro Tull live album "living with the past".

Jethro Tull review

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R.I.P. audiogalaxy
Posted by: Stéphane @ 17:34 CET

RIAA, NMPA Reach Settlement With Audiogalaxy.com

Recording Industry Association of America, National Music Publishers’ Association Reach Settlement with Audiogalaxy.com

New York, NY, June 17, 2002 – The recording industry, music publishers and songwriters announced today that they have reached an out-of-court settlement with Audiogalaxy.com, the Napster-like clone, which requires Audiogalaxy to stop the infringement of copyrighted works on their peer-to-peer network.

The agreement follows a lawsuit filed in late May accusing Audiogalaxy of facilitating and encouraging widespread copyright infringement – a last resort step after repeated efforts to warn the firm of their liability were ignored or resulted in ineffective attempts to fix the problem. The suit was brought by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), on behalf of its member labels, and the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), on behalf of the music publisher principals of its licensing affiliate, The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.

The settlement reached would allow Audiogalaxy to operate a "filter-in" system, which requires that for any music available, the songwriter, music publisher, and/or recording company must first consent to the use and sharing of the work. The other key provision of the agreement is for Audiogalaxy to pay the music publishers and recording industry a substantial sum based on Audiogalaxy's assets and interest in resolving this case quickly.

"We are pleased to settle this case quickly. This is a victory for everyone who cares about protecting the value of music," said Hilary Rosen, Chairman and CEO of the RIAA. "This should serve as a wake-up call to the other networks that facilitate unauthorized copying. The responsibility for implementing systems that allow for the authorized use of copyrighted works rests squarely on the shoulders of the peer-to-peer network."

"The message is clear – there is no place on the Internet for services that exploit creators' work without fair compensation," added Edward P. Murphy, President and CEO, NMPA. "Such services hurt creators and hurt the legitimate Internet businesses that wish to comply with the law and compensate the creators. The swift resolution of this matter is thus a double victory that creators and legitimate Internet businesses should join in hailing." (more)

Audiogalaxy.com, based in Austin, Texas, was one of the more heavily trafficked file-sharing websites.

The Recording Industry Association of America is the trade group that represents the U.S. recording industry. Its mission is to foster a business and legal climate that supports and promotes our members' creative and financial vitality. Its members are the record companies that comprise the most vibrant national music industry in the world. RIAA® members create, manufacture and/or distribute approximately 90% of all legitimate sound recordings produced and sold in the United States.

In support of this mission, the RIAA works to protect intellectual property rights worldwide and the First Amendment rights of artists; conduct consumer industry and technical research; and monitor and review - - state and federal laws, regulations and policies. The RIAA® also certifies Gold®, Platinum®, Multi-Platinum™, and Diamond sales awards, Los Premios De Oro y Platino™, an award celebrating Latin music sales.

The National Music Publishers’ Association, Inc., founded in 1917, works to protect and advance the interests of the music publishing industry. With over 900 members, the NMPA represents the most important and influential music publishing firms throughout the United States.

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. provides an information source, clearing house and monitoring service for licensing musical copyrights, and acts as licensing agent for more than 27,000 music publisher principals, who in turn represent the interests of more than 160,000 songwriters. Besides the core business functions of licensing, collections and distribution of royalties, HFA conducts periodic record company and other user audits on behalf of its principals. HFA is the licensing affiliate of the National Music Publishers’ Association.

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Saturday, June 15, 2002

M'era Luna festival (amazing billing, read!!!)
Posted by: Stéphane @ 13:07 CET

10/11th august (HIDELSHEIM)


edit stephane : Great Inka, go there!

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"The pearl" = false Portishead album
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:40 CET

WARNING! To avoid disappointment please be aware that there is in circulation a Russian orginated album entitled "Pearl" by Portishead. This is NOT a Portishead record and is not in anyway endorsed by us or our authorised representatives.

source : Portishead official site

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The Pogues : DO NOT buy Streams of Whiskey.
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:38 CET

The Pogues ask you please DO NOT buy Streams of Whiskey.

This album has been released without the permission, and contrary to the wishes of the band. It is a not great quality recording from a Swiss festival in 1991, recorded from a radio broadcast and previously available as a bootleg.

There will be an official live album released later in the year recorded (properly!) over the last two nights of the recent Brixton shows.
source : the pogues's official site

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Sentenced, Lacuna Coil Team Up For German Tour
Posted by: Matze @ 10:33 CET

SENTENCED and LACUNA COIL will team up for a German tour during November. The confirmed dates are as follows:

Nov. 04 - Essen, GER @ Zeche Carl
Nov. 18 - Nürnberg, GER @ Hirsch
Nov. 20 - Frankfurt, GER @ Batschkapp
Nov. 21 - Halle, GER @ Easy Schorre
Nov. 22 - Hamburg, GER @ Markthalle

source: blabbermouth.net

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Friday, June 14, 2002

Shaman status update
Posted by: Matze @ 10:43 CET

Jonne has posted a Shaman status update at his band's message board:

Violinist is the same guy...forever I hope... He use his artist name these days.
but yes, drummer and bass player is changed. And I really hope that this is the last line-up because now this band works so good and I`m very glad that I don`t have to be angry or sad all the time anymore. It was hard.
And yes we are starting recordings near time but we have something happening about the band and future...There is some "Germans" who wants to play with us in the same "sandbox"...let`s see what`s happening

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Megadeth with a new singer?
Posted by: Matze @ 7:57 CET

In an interview with The Pure Rock Shop, Al Pitrelli talks about a possible Ellefson/DeGrasso/Pitrelli project:

There have been many rumors that members of Megadeth plan to continue the band without him, is there any truth to that?

"We'll I don't know if its a matter of continuing on without him, its certainly a matter of well, we're not in any position to want to retire."

Pitrelli says that he speaks to David Ellefson and Jimmy DeGrasso, at least once a day or every other day, and there have been discussions of working together with another singer and starting something new, but it wouldn't be Megadeth

"I always want to be careful in the wording of that. It's not like Megadeth is going to find a replacement for Dave Mustaine - that would be an impossibility - Dave Mustaine is Megadeth. But, the three of us being pretty decent musicians and not over the hill just yet, would like to find a singer or somebody to go out and write with and just do something cool."

Do you think Sanctuary would support something like that?
“I’m pretty sure that Sanctuary would support it. I would hope so. This isn’t something that we’ve spoke to them about yet, because it would be kind of like putting the cart before the horse…obviously Sanctuary would be our first choice, because we love the label and they’re a great bunch of guys. They take great care of us in Megadeth. We’d like to do business with them post Megadeth.”
Click here to read more.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

New Reviews
Posted by: Pax @ 21:45 CET

Just added reviews of the new In Extremo, Throes of Dawn, and, to my knowledge, our first country review, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Enjoy! -Pax

edit Stéphane : And thanks to Alexander D, we have another review "Korol I Shut - Eli Myaso Muzhiki"


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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

FINNTROLL - Katla's out!!!
Posted by: Max @ 13:07 CET

This horrible news just came from our good friends Finntroll:

"With a great sorrow in my heart and soul I am forced to bring you this statement. I founded this band with my bloodbrother Somnium several years ago and as we gained other bloodbrothers in our excellent formation we have gone through many highs and lows. For me this last year, as you all know, has been part of a huge low due to a virus based tumor that unfortunately struck my vocal cords. I have had three operations now since december 2001 and the tumor has now spread into such an extent over the vocal cords that surgery cant be done without harming my voice permanently! There is another treatment available but it takes time and has several side-effects. Due to the desperate situation of me not gaining my voice from the last surgery I have decided to step aside from my position as vocalist in this great band! Nothing is yet decided about FINNTROLLs upcoming gigs and recordings. My fellow trolls will decide what is now in their hands concerning the future of the band and if it is possible in the future I WILL RETURN! Those who live under every root and stone have maybe planned something different for my future, who knows? Maybe one day I will stand victorious on the stage with my brothers again. But for know my vocalist position in FINNTROLL is physically impossible! I thank every soul who have enjoyed my performances live and loved our music through our recordings in the past as well as in the future. Remember, fellow fans that nothing else than death is certain...

With a huge trollish howl I leave this group that means everything to me. Stay true to the old ways and WE SHALL OVERCOME! I would like to thank my fellow bandmates and all fans!

- Katla"

We wishe Katla to get well soon and all the best in the future. We hope to see you again fronting this great band!

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Sunday, June 9, 2002

Spock's Beard: new album
Posted by: Matze @ 11:35 CET

Prog rock icons SPOCKS BEARD have put the finishing touches on their forthcoming Metal Blade release entitled "Snow" to be released in U.S. on August 27th. "Snow" will be a special format double CD digi-book, with a stunning full color booklet accompanying the 2 CD set. Visit www.spocksbeard.com to download a special audio preview of "Snow". Having heard most of the album prior to completion, we can only say that guys in Spock's Beard have completely out done themselves with "Snow" creating some of the most ambitious, as well as unnerving music we've heard in long time. "Snow" is Spock's Beard hitting full stride, securing their musical place with one of the most innovative recordings in some time.

- Metal Blade

Thanks to www.ultimatemetal.com!

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Blackmore's Night news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 11:16 CET

Blackmore's Night are touring Germany and plan to tour Europe as well.
On the 5th August they 'll release a new single "Hme Again".

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Paradise Lost in final pre-production sessions
Posted by: Stéphane @ 11:14 CET

PARADISE LOST are scheduled to commence the final pre-production sessions for their as-yet-untitled studio album with producer Rhys Fulber (i.e. FEAR FACTORY, FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY) on June 10th at their rehearsal room in Bradford, England before moving over to Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire on June 22nd for the actual tracking process, which is expected to last several weeks. A September release through G.U.N./BMG Records is expected.

As previously reported, PARADISE LOST have already demoed 16 tracks for the as-yet-untitled CD, including two covers—BRONSKI BEAT's "Small Town Boy" and DEAD CAN DANCE's "Xavier". Described as "a real return to form for the band," the upcoming CD will include new songs as "My Religion", "Two Worlds" and "Promises".

Source : blabbermouth.net

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The Gathering: video clip, new official french page
Posted by: Matze @ 10:25 CET

Some more "The Gathering" - news:

Our videoclip of 'My Electricity' is now online. Just click on our download area. The shoots are from Vlieland/the Netherlands, recorded on 8mm by Rob Ponsen, and edited by Hans Nagtegaal, who did an excellent job!
The videoclip was recorded in 1999, and we just couldn't resist to put it on our homepage.
8mm rulez!

- Hans

A huge thank you goes out to Burn and Pince, who melted two French Gathering sites (Sand & mercury and Shot2pieces) into a new Sand & Mercury homepage!
What can we say? This is looking very good! Check it out! And on behalf of the band thanks a lot!!


- Hans

soure: www.gathering.nl

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The Gathering: Black Light District MiniCD delayed
Posted by: Matze @ 10:22 CET

Due to some illness we have a little delay. We expect to have the miniCD Black Light District out around the 24th of june. These things happen, hope you understand.. - Hans

soure: www.gathering.nl

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New Annihilator Live Videos
Posted by: Matze @ 10:12 CET

The first six songs of the "Waking the Fury" setlist are available in Real Video format!! Check them out HERE!!!

source: www.annihilatormetal.com

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New Model Army: festival appearances
Posted by: Matze @ 9:58 CET

The New Model Army will play 3 festivals this summer:

  • As rumoured, New Model Army will be finally playing at Glastonbury Festival again this summer, 17 years after our last appearance. We will be on the Other Stage at 2.20pm (approx) on Sunday 30th June. There will be a warm up at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms on Staurday 29th for those of you who were unable to
    get Glastobury tickets.
  • Justin, Michael and Dean will be appearing at this year's Zillo Festival in Germany on Saturday 13th July. They will be on the Marquee Stage at approx 5pm. More details soon.
  • They say good things always come in pairs, so here is our second UK festival appearance this summer. We will be playing at this years Guildford Festival on Saturday 20th July, on the main stage at approx 3:30pm. Other acts on the bill this day include The Levellers and the Fun Loving Criminals. Details on the festival website.
source: www.newmodelarmy.org

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Saturday, June 8, 2002

re-Vision are looking for a new singer
Posted by: Matze @ 17:40 CET

From www.re-vision.org

As you already might have heard, I've left the band re-Vision recently. This was not an easy step for me to take, but it was a necessary one, due to the process of my personal and musical development. Please read further >>>here for my personal statement on this matter. This statement has also been sent out by newsletter.

Thus, the band is looking for a new vocalist at the moment. Anyone interested, please contact Christoph or any of the band.

Let me just say that I'm not completely off the scene now, but I only finished at re-Vision. I'll definitely be back with new material very soon. Of course, I will put a little note on this page then, as well. Alternatively, you may subscribe to a new mailing list at >>>www.LaneToTheGrey.de.


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"The Neonai" - ever AT ALL???
Posted by: Max @ 5:11 CET

Looks like the whole release of "The Neonai" - the new album of Swedish LAKE OF TEARS - is just a big joke.
The release date is moved again. Right now it's set for July 22 2002, almost a year and a half (and about 6 "official release dates") later than it was originally planned.
Wonder if it's a last delay... ?

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Friday, June 7, 2002

Dee Dee Ramone RIP
Posted by: Pax @ 5:02 CET

Only a year after the passing of Joey Ramone comes the death of bassist Dee Dee Ramone, last night, in what is thought to be a drug overdose. He was discovered by his wife in his home, and later pronounced dead.

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Thursday, June 6, 2002

Amorphis is composing
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:29 CET

Finland's AMORPHIS are presently working on demos for their forthcoming studio album. No release date or title has yet been announced for the effort, which is not expected before the end of the year, at the earliest.

Source : blabbermouth.net

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John Williams news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:19 CET

John Williams was nominated for his 40th and 41st Academy Awards, for A.I. and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...learn more about his Academy Award Nominations.

Williams recently recorded the score for Minority Report...and plans to score Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can in the fall...he viewed a rough cut of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in London in late May and begins work on the score on June 3 in Los Angeles...learn more about future and recent projects.

The Minority Report soundtrack album is scheduled for release on June 18...learn more about recent and upcoming releases.

Source : John Williams official webpages

edit Stephane : Ed will be happy (i hope)

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Loreena Mc Kennitt seeking inspiration in Greece...
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:49 CET

"Well into the research phase of the next recording, McKennitt will be returning to Greece and Turkey (and other parts of Asia Minor) in the coming months and will visit sites of early Celtic significance. "The gathering of influences and experiences is one of my favorite components of creating my music. These countries and their histories have long been an inspiration in understanding not only my Celtic roots but, on a deeper level, how we are a culmination of our collective histories. In these times, I think this understanding is more important than ever."

source : quinland road website

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The gathering to direct sell 'black district light' through internet
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:24 CET

"We are proud to announce our new mini CD Black Light District will have an official internet release at 17-06-2002. Please note this will be an internet release only at the first place.
We are working on the Psychonaut homepage right now. From this page you can order a copy of this mini CD. More details about this soon.
B.L.D. contains 4 songs, 'Debris', 'Broken Glass' (piano reprise), the title song, and a yet to be titled 4th song. The CD will have some multimedia, like some new Rockumentaries footage about the making of Black Light District and the new, yet to be titled full length, which will be out in oktober 2002.
Hope you like it as much as we do. - Hans"

Source : the gathering 's official page

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DarkTranquility limited edition digipack
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:20 CET

It's now confirmed that that the song "I, deception" will make a bonus appearance on the limited edition digipack and LP versions of "Damage done" (European and US editions).
Release date : 22/07/02

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Manowar Kills Again
Posted by: Pax @ 3:03 CET

From the Kingdom of Steel:

WARRIORS OF THE WORLD enters the German Top 100 album charts at #2

Only one week after the release and simultaneously marks the band's highest album chart position ever in Germany as well as the highest chart entry for a metal band for a very long time.

Also the album entered the Austrian charts at #6, the Norwegian charts at # 14, #26 in Finland, #40 in France and #35 in Switzerland.

The single track is still on the Top of the German GDC Metal charts at #2 (1) and climbs up to #3 (4) in the German GDC Alternative charts.

The band just performed two sold-out shows in the Czech Republic with 3500 and 4500 people. The single is #1 for the 6th week now at the biggest rock radio in the Czech Republic (Radio AZ Zlin) and has been added to the Antenne Bayern Rockantenne Play list.

The single-video went up to #1 again on the VIVAplus rock charts and has been finally added to the "Hot Recurrent Play list" on VIVA. Last Saturday the band performed on the legendary TV-Show "Top Of The Pops" and blew everybody away by playing full live.

While the band was in Cologne last week the band performed on the exclusive Record Release Party at the "Wolkenburg" and presented also the new album on SACD (Super Audio CD).

The band has been certified with a golden record for sales in excess of 250.000 records sold in Germany of the '92-album "The Triumph Of Steel".

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Wednesday, June 5, 2002

In Flames : "Reroute to remain" tracklist
Posted by: Stéphane @ 17:12 CET

In Flames : "Reroute to remain"
Release date : 2/09 in Europe 3/09 in the US
Label : Nuclear Blast
Producer : Daniel Bergstrand

Tracklist :
01. Reroute To Remain
02. System
03. Drifter
04. Trigger
05. Cloud Connected
06. Transparent
07. Dawn Of A New Day
08. Egonomic
09. Minus
10. Dismiss The Cynics
11. Free Fall
12. Dark Signs
13. Metaphor
14. Black & White

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Monday, June 3, 2002

Craig Adams has left The Mission
Posted by: Matze @ 16:49 CET

"As for the future of the band, well, I've always contended that we don't have any long term plans and that hasn't changed. Craig's departure will be felt deeply and after 18 years or so of him and I working together I would like to say that I wish him all the best and I love him and will miss him. The European tour that starts next week in Spain is going ahead with a temporary replacement for Craig. We will also play all other sceduled European festival shows over the summer."

Check out www.themissionuk.com for more info.

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Former Destruction Members Launch New Band
Posted by: Matze @ 8:46 CET

from Blabbermouth.net:

Germany's JCS (JESUS CHRYSLER SUPERSKUNK), who feature in their ranks former DESTRUCTION members Sven Vormann (drums), Michael "Ano" Piranio (guitar, also in EPHEMERA'S PARTY) and Thomas Rosenmerkel (vocals, also in EPHEMERA'S PARTY), along with DRYROT guitarist Micheal Gerstlauer, and NECRONOMICON/EPHEMERA'S PARTY bassist Bernhard "Erna" Matt, have launched their official web site at this location. Currently available for download via the above-mentioned site are full-length MP3s of the group's recently-completed demo, which contains three "old-school thrash metal" tracks. The songs featured are as follows:

01. Fear Freedom
02. Dshihad
03. M.T. Head

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Milwaukee Metal Fest
Posted by: Matze @ 7:55 CET

Bands confirmed for the Milwaukee Metal Fest:

Arch Enemy
Hate Eternal
Dew Scented
Diamond Rexx
Debris Inc.
Brick Bath
Pain Something
Sik Fuk
Screaming Afterbirth
Bound & Gagged
Waco Jesus


More bands to be added soon.

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Sunday, June 2, 2002

Posted by: Max @ 15:04 CET

Two famous people celebrate birthdays today: our friend Jonne Jarvela from Shaman and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Happy birthday to both of you!! Have fun and don't drink too much! :)

Hey, Your Majesty!! Look who was born on the same day as you!! ;)

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King's X news
Posted by: Matze @ 10:21 CET

Some newsitems from www.kingsxonline.com and www.kramerskorner.com:

  • King's X will be on tour with Dream Theater and Satriani from august to mid-september
  • Doug has confirmed that work on the Supershine 2 album has begun, so far 6 songs have been written for the second record with 'Trouble' guitarist Bruce Franklin
  • Jerry just laid down the drum tracks for a 6 track ep for the Houston band 'Soulbread' (for more on Soulbread check out soulbread.com)
  • Doug's project with Jeff Ament is not quite finished yet. Doug describes the project: "it sounds like a cross between PJ and PH but is also aggressive"
  • Doug has about 14 demos ready for the next Poundhound record, with Jerry's son Joy possibly slated to play drums.
  • Ty makes a guest appearance on the new cd from Richie Scarlett. Ty's track is called "Tin Soldiers".
  • The band is holding a fan art contest for possible use on the next album. Go here for details.

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Mogwai : Young team review
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:03 CET

Thanks to Cladman(iac) a good review from an oldie but goodie.

Mogwai review

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Saturday, June 1, 2002

Rajna : "the heady wine of praise"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 14:05 CET

For those of you who want to widen their musical horizon, check my Rajna review here :

Rajna review

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Penumbra : the last bewitchment review
Posted by: Stéphane @ 14:04 CET

1-) I've bought the last Penumbra.
2-) I've reviewed it.
3-) You 'll read it.
4-) You'll buy it.
5-) You'll enjoy it.

This being said, go there for reaching level 3.

Penumbra review

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Prong tour U.S. with Danzig
Posted by: Matze @ 12:26 CET

From www.prong-23.com:

The first batch of tour dates supporting Danzig have been announced:

Sat 1-Jun Phoenix Celebrity Theatre
Sun 2-Jun Albuquerque Midnight Rodeo
Mon 3-Jun
Tue 4-Jun El Paso Far West Rodeo
Wed 5-Jun
Thu 6-Jun Corpus Christi Party On The Patio
Fri 7-Jun San Antonio Sunset Station
Sat 8-Jun Dallas Canyon Club
Sun 9-Jun Houston International Ballroom
Mon 10-Jun New Orleans Howlin Wolf (Prong Only)
Tue 11-Jun
Wed 12-Jun Panama City Club La Vela
Thu 13-Jun
Fri 14-Jun Ft. Lauderdale TBA
Sat 15-Jun Orlando House Of Blues
Sun 16-Jun Jacksonville The Marquee Theatre
Mon 17-Jun
Tue 18-Jun Atlanta Roxy Theatre
Wed 19-Jun
Thu 20-Jun Raleigh Lincoln Theatre
Fri 21-Jun Washington D.C. The Nation
Sat 22-Jun Philadelphia Electric Factory
Sun 23-Jun Norfolk The Boathouse
Mon 24-Jun
Tue 25-Jun Long Island The Vanderbilt
Wed 26-Jun Hartford Webster Theatre
Thu 27-Jun
Fri 28-Jun NYC The World
Sat 29-Jun Worcester The Palladium
Sun 30-Jun
Mon 1-Jul
Tue 2-Jul
Wed 3-Jul Cleveland Peabody's Down Under
Thu 4-Jul Allentown TBA
Fri 5-Jul Pittsburgh The Metropol
Sat 6-Jul Columbus Newport Music Hall
Sun 7-Jul Lansing The Temple Club
Mon 8-Jul
Tue 9-Jul Cincinnatti Bogarts
Wed 10-Jul Ft. Wayne Pierre's
Thu 11-Jul
Fri 12-Jul Detroit State Theatre
Sat 13-Jul Grand Rapids The Orbit Room
Sun 14-Jul
Mon 15-Jul Chicago House Of Blues
Tue 16-Jul Milwaukee Eagles Ballroom
Wed 17-Jul St. Louis The Pageant
Thu 18-Jul
Fri 19-Jul Springfield TBA
Sat 20-Jul TBA
Sun 21-Jul Minneapolis The Quest
Jul 22 - Aug 9 Dates TBA

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Rage enter the german charts
Posted by: Matze @ 11:56 CET

Rage's new album "Unity" could reach position 46 at the Media Control Charts in the first week after it's release. In the view of the momentary very high level of turnover that is a real noticeable success.

Thanks to all purchaser!!!

source: www.rage-on.de

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Nightwish: Century Child - news
Posted by: Matze @ 11:50 CET

Nightwish's new CD "Century Child" has sold gold two hours (!) after the release on last friday.

If you have bought the 2CD special edition of Nightwish's "Century Child" you will find a personal code in the booklet. With this code you will be able to download Nightwish's very first three-track demo and the whole album to play on your computer. You can find the download link from here.

source: www.nightwish.com

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CD Review: Skyfire - "Timeless Departure"
Posted by: Max @ 7:26 CET

Reviewing, reviewing, reviewing...

I'm bored, who can blame me for that? ;)

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