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March 2003

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Metallica "St Anger" with free bonus dvd
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:14 CET

Metallica's new album, St. Anger, will include a free bonus DVD featuring the band playing all 11 songs (yes, 11 songs) from the album in a live setting

There will be no fancy shit, just Metallica doing what they do best, kicking your ass, and don't worry, the CD will be regularly priced, we just wanna throw in some extra free shit for you guys!

Source : metallica.com

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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Radio playlist updated
Posted by: Stéphane @ 11:40 CET

(Added for a one month duration):

The Gathering : "even the spirits are afraid" (souvenirs)
The Gathering : "You learn about it" (souvenirs)
Paradise Lost : "isolate" (symbol of life)
Paradise Lost : "erased" (symbol of life)

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Friday, March 28, 2003

New Dreaditorial
Posted by: Max @ 4:10 CET

It's been a while since I wrote my first (and only) Dreaditorial. But last night I came up with another one. Just a general wondering - what the ...?

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Monday, March 24, 2003

Cruachan names new cd
Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:07 CET

Ireland's CRUACHAN have set "Pagan" as the title for their forthcoming album, tentatively due in the fall through Hammerheart Records. The follow-up to last year's "Folk-Lore" will be recorded and mixed at Sonic studios in Dublin between March 29 and May 11.

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Live Review : Within Temptation/Paradise Lost
Posted by: Stéphane @ 0:52 CET

Paris - Elysee Montmartre/23-03-03

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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Blind guardian double live cd tracks revealed
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:29 CET

01. Into The Storm,
02. Welcome To Dying
03. Nightfall, 04. The Script For My Requiem,
05. Harvest Of Sorrow,
06. Valhalla
07. Majesty,
08. The Soulforged,
09. Under The Ice,
10. Born In A Mourning Hall,
11. Lord Of The Rings,
12. Punishment Divine,
13. Time Stands Still,
14. Bright Eyes,
15. The Bard's Song - In The Forest,
16. Imaginations From The Other Side,
17. Lost In The Twilight Hall,
18. Journey Through The Dark,
19. A Past & Future Secret,
20. Mirror Mirror

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CD Review : The Dreamside "Faery Child"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:24 CET

by myself.

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CD Review : Voivod "Voivod"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:23 CET

by Armand de Sade

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CD Review : Cradle of Filth "Damnation and a day"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:23 CET

by Armand de Sade

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Amorphis new cd in may
Posted by: Stéphane @ 17:54 CET

AMORPHIS have inked a deal with EMI Records for the release of their new CD, "Far From The Sun", due in Finland in May. The album's first single, "Day Of Your Beliefs", will surface in early April.

The complete track listing for "Far From The Sun" is as follows:

01. Day Of Your Beliefs
02. Planetary Misfortune
03. Evil Inside
04. Mourning Soil
05. Far From The Sun
06. Ethereal Solitude
07. Killing Goodness
08. God Of Deception
09. Higher Ground
10. Smithereens

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

CD Review : Evanescence "Fallen"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:46 CET

Review by Armand de Sade

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Monday, March 17, 2003

CD Review : Paradise Lost "Symbol of life"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:37 CET

A surprise come back in my opinion. :)

Paradise Lost are really back...

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Sunday, March 16, 2003

R.I.P. Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta from finntroll :'(
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:14 CET

R.I.P. Teemu 'Somnium' Raimoranta

"Our dear friend and guitarplayer passed away on sunday morning. This is a extremely heavy blow for us and everyone who ever knew this man. We hope that fans and the public won´t speculate, more information will be available when things calm down."

source : official finntroll site.

I was bored today. Now i'm sad. Good improvement.

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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Medwyn Goodall 's 'Cornwall' DVD news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:54 CET

After nearly two years of filming and editing the 'Medwyn's Cornwall' DVD film is finally complete. All that is required now is manufacture copies.

To celebrate the completion I have put together a download bonanza!

You will find on this page the artwork (left) that will make up the final DVD cover.

There is also a very extensive list of FILM CLIPS to download. The downloaded clips should play in a windows Media player. They have been tested on Windows Media Player-8. The clips themselves have allowed for the fact that most of us are still stuck with 56k dial up modems and so the file sizes have been kept as low as possible. This does reduce the sound and picture quality considerably but it at least allows you to get a reasonable taster. I have not only included clips of the main feature but also some samples of the EXTRA FEATURES the DVD will contain.

There is a list of MP3 music downloads (as found on New Releases) of the film soundtrack.

To finish off the Bonanza I have created some new wallpapers to download that use our new Fire-logo and a few clips from the film.

The CD-soundtrack is already released. (See New Releases)

The DVD version we hope to have available by February.(Only available here!)

Modems at the ready........wait for it wait for it.........download! :))

Happy New Year


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Elaïkelaïset new cd in April
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:51 CET

Eläkeläiset's new incredibly rollicking and wild Humppaelämää -cd will be released in Germany and several other european countries on April 7th.

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Type O negative changes new cd title
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:39 CET

TYPE O NEGATIVE are strongly rumored to have changed the title for their upcoming CD to "Life is Killing Me" from the originally announced "The Dream Is Dead". An official confirmation on the matter has yet to be made. The album, due in June through Roadrunner Records, was recorded at Brooklyn, New York's Systems 2 studios and was produced by keyboardist Josh Silver.

TYPE O NEGATIVE will embark on a European tour in June.

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CD Review : The changelings 'astronomica'
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:26 CET

The changelings 's latest album. Excellent, check it here.

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Beyond the Embrace added to Lacuna Coil tour!
Posted by: Pax @ 4:32 CET

Massachewsetts Death Metallers Beyond the Embrace have just been added to the Lacuna Coil/Opeth tour- now if that ain't the concert of the year, I don't know what is!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Faith and the Muse: Live Appearance Update
Posted by: Matze @ 17:27 CET

Greetings all,

F&TM will be in Austin Texas this week as part of the SXSW conference.
Apologies for the short (very short) notice, but some of this
information was just finalized and handed to us..

For those in the area, we look forward to seeing you!


The Rawk Show - Visual Art from Women in Rock Thursday March 13th *
Gallery Lombardi * Austin, TX

Monica Richards will be showing her paintings at The Rawk Show, in
Austin, TX, as part of the South By Southwest (SXSW) music convention.
The art show is being put on by Tinderbox 13 at Gallery Lombardi. The
opening party is on Thursday, March 13, 2003 from 6-10 pm. Other
artists featured include Nina Hagen, Penelope Houston, Candye Kane,
Texas Terri, Nikkie Van Lierop, Carolyn Rue Gomard, and more. Monica
will be showing The Bird ,Vera Causa , and Collage 1 at the show, as
well as some prints. For details, see the Tinderbox 13 site at:



F&TM Acoustic Live Appearance Friday, March 14th at Elysium: 8 PM

F&TM will be performing an acoustic set at SXSW in Austin, TX at
Elysium, at 8 PM SHARP. Elysium is located at 705 Red River St. (512)

F&TM will also be making an in-store appearance at Cheapo's Records/CDs
on Saturday, March 15th at 4 PM to perform a brief acoustic set and
sign CDs. For details, see:


source: F&TM newsletter

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Lacuna Coil Returns!
Posted by: Pax @ 1:18 CET

From brother Rajah of Century Media:

Elegant. Alluring. Sultry. Passionate.

With the ancient and modern history of Milan, Italy flowing through their veins, it's no surprise that the members of LACUNA COIL possess an innate ability to blend the classic with the innovative.

Like fine silk permeated with vibrant color, like imported wine well-aged, like the sweet fragrance of a rare flower in bloom, LACUNA COIL is a surge of overwhelming emotion, one that engages and captivates the senses, gently drowning you in a full-body embrace. Since their debut in 1998, the acquisition of fans in rural and urban territories across the world indicates the scope of their musical renaissance.

Earning special mention in Billboard Magazine's Spotlight on Hard Music after their highly-anticipated 2001 North American debut tour with their gothic label mates Moonspell, LACUNA COIL intoxicated audiences across the county, and they will soon return to spellbind them once again.

As part of a three-week May tour headlined by the critically-acclaimed Opeth, LACUNA COIL will be supporting their third full-length album, Comalies, which has been lauded and hailed by Metal Maniacs as "musically gripping, vocally spellbinding, and spiritually cleansing."

When the sailors of old answered the inviting-yet-dangerous call of the siren, they were met with a watery grave. Unlike them, land and sea-farers across the country who answer the call of LACUNA COIL shall be cradled in the compassionate arms of the marvelous gift of self-introspection.

Press days will be announced shortly.

Tour Dates
5/01 Graceland - Seattle, WA
5/02 Roseland - Portland, OR
5/04 Canes Bar & Grill - San Diego, CA
5/05 Huntridge Theater - Las Vegas, NV
5/06 X-Scape - Salt Lake City, UT
5/09 The Backroom - Austin, TX
5/10 Fitzgerald's - Houston, TX
5/14 Ziggy's - Winston-Salem, NC
5/16 Palladium - Worcester, MA (New England Hardcore & Metal Festival)
5/17 Showplace - Buffalo, NY
5/18 Harpo's - Detroit, MI
5/20 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH

Ed sez: Okay, so there's no LA date- but dammit, I'd drive two and a half hours to see Cristina Scabbia, wouldn't you?

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Duncan Storr to draw next elvenking's artwork
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:52 CET

Italian "pagan metal" act ELVENKING will enter Gernhart Studio in Siegburg, Germany on March 22 to begin recording their new album, due in late summer through AFM Records. Additional recordings will take place at an as-yet-undetermined Italian studio and the House Of Music facility in Stuttgart, Germany with producer Achim Kohler (PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM), who will be responsible for mixing the effort. In other news, the cover for the band's upcoming CD will not be designed by Travis Smith as previously announced. "Travis is too busy and late with other works to be able to deliver the work in time," according to a message on the band's official web site. "The cover will be done by the pagan artist Duncan Storr (who previously worked in the metal scenes doing marvelous paintings for SKYCLAD and RAGE, among others)."

Among the cuts set to appear on the as-yet-untitled follow-up to "Heathenreel" are the following:

01. Pathfinders
02. Jigsaw Puzzle
03. The Prepetual Knot
04. Midnight Circus
05. The Moonchariot

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Axxis is back in the studio!
Posted by: Max @ 8:05 CET

Our good friends Bernhard Weiss and Axxis are working on their new CD!! Bernhard is writing the lyrics and Harry (Oelers) is still searching for new and crazy sounds.
In March they start to record the leadvocals and the choruslines. Axxis haven't decided yet in which studio they want to mix. Maybe they will go to the Skyline studio in Dusseldorf or the House of Audio Studio in Karlsdorf. No release date, no title is announced yet.

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Monday, March 10, 2003

New Live Review: ODIN
Posted by: Pax @ 15:45 CET

Brother Duke Dubeau has submitted a new live review of the Mighty Odin!

Ya know, old one eyed guy, wears a hat, carries a spear... ;)

Odin Review

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Sunday, March 9, 2003

New Dreaditorial
Posted by: Stéphane @ 13:03 CET

Of music, differences and intolerant religions

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Arch Enemy news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:37 CET

A Michael Amott new album update from the ARCH ENEMY website:

"What’s up? Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics we posted so far (http://www.archenemy.net/upload/index.php3) – there haven’t been too many studio reports from us… sorry about that… but we have just been getting on with the daily routine in the studio… putting this new METAL MONSTER together... piece by piece, RIFF by bloody RIFF! There are so many HUGE riffs on this album... we just walk around smiling all day here... can't wait to assault all your ears with this...

The past 2-3 days we’ve been tracking rhythm guitars and the tones that Andy’s dialed in are just SATANIC! SICK! UGLY! (you get the general idea…) It’s sounding shockingly full-on and brutal, and that’s just with 2 guitars and drums… oh, yeah, those DRUMS… Daniel has really pushed himself way beyond previous recordings we’ve done… world F@#$%*N class!!

I completed my guitars on 5 songs and now we have taken a few days off (we are back home in Sweden)… Chris will return to England and the studio on Monday (he’ll then start tracking his rhythms and do some lead work) and he’ll bring with him our Lord of LOW END – Sharlee D’Angelo… I am psyched as hell to hear all that when I come over to England again.

(I am taking a week off from the studio work and will hook up with Andy in the studio again in a week to finish off my rhythm tracks + leads)... and there's some keyboards that will be played by Per Wiberg (who played on the Burning Bridges and Wages Of Sin albums) - it's always a blast recording those parts with Per... such a talented guy.

Last but not least... Angela will be coming over to start tracking vocals - the vocals she did on the pre-production demo's sound super promising... she's screaming like she's possessed by evil spirits... Arrrrrgggghhhhhh.... ALL ATTITUDE and AGGRESSION - very cool!

Songtitles? Here are a few: "Despicable Heroes" (A high energy thrasher - Daniel is just all over the kit on this one), "Exist To Exit" (Ok, who said Slayer???), "Dead Eyes See No Future" (Arch-style-thrash with great melodic guitars in the chorus - reminds me a bit of the Stigmata/Burning Bridges era - but with a fresh twist...), "DehumaniZation" (Cool riffy track with heavy chorus)... OK, what else is there... oh yeah, my fave track at the moment "Infected" (it's a little different, a new flavour - still heavy...what did you think? C'mon, there's no post-grunge ballads here, ha-ha)."
To stay updated on the latest studio happenings, visit http://www.archenemy.net/report17.shtml daily.

Live pictures of ARCH ENEMY’s show in Stockholm, Sweden can be found on Swedish Metal www.swedishmetal.net. Look for the "new live pictures" link beneath the BLOODBATH logo on the right-hand side

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The Kovenant news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:36 CET

Here’s some important news directly from the band:
„So another chapter in the bands history has come to and end. It has
mutually been decided that Von Blomberg (aka Hellhammer), will be
leaving the band. And a new replacement drummer will be taking his
place. New members for the band are also being auditioned, and will be
revealed shortly.
With the imminent release of the 4th album, “Seti”. Things are looking
very good for the future of The Kovenant. And being more dedicated and
headstrong than ever. I can only predict greater things in store for us.

We would like to thank Von Blomberg for the years of mischief and
friendship, and wish him well on his future escapades. Wherever that may
be. And that he will always remember that together we have made history
more than once...

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In Flames news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:35 CET

are confirmed for Wacken Open Air festival August 1st - 2003 » IN FLAMES
are also confirmed for the Rock Hard Festival [June] 7th - 2003 »
In Flames are right now in the midst of working on new material for the
upcoming album, due to be recorded later this summer. All of us are
psyched for this of course, the material sounds harder and better than
ever. The upcoming US-tour with MUDVAYNE and IN FLAMES will be a lot of
fun as we are all getting eager to go out on the road again. After all,
we've had 2½ months off now, and it's about time to get out there and
have some fun. As we speak we are on our way to Stockholm and the
Grammies, which should be a lot of fun. ...Not talking about the award
show in itself, but we heard about the party... :) Anyways, more dates
will be announced soon, so stay tuned and we'll see you all in a few

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Helloween news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:35 CET

New album, "Rabbit Don't Come Easy", is due on May 5; the album will be
released in a jewel case and there will be a limited edition in a very
special digipack available, including the bonus track "Far Away". The
first single off the album, "Just A Little Sign", (written by Andi
Deris; a fast, traditional Helloween-track) will be released on April 7.

The album was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind at the „Mi Sueno“ studios
in Teneriffa. A few days ago, the album was presented to the european
press; and all of them agreed to have heard the best album featuring
Andi Deris. To sum it up; it’s a very fast, heavy and typical Helloween

Meanwhile, also a replacement for drummer Marc Cross was found, who
sadly won’t be able to play drums for a long time due to his illness.

The new guy on drums should be familiar to many, as Stefan Schwarzmann
also played in bands like Accept or Running Wild. He also recorded some
bonus tracks for the new album, while the rest of the album was recorded
earlier by guest musician Mikkey Dee (ex-King Diamond, Motörhead).
The tracklist of the album is mentioned on the
right, have a look ;)

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Saturday, March 8, 2003

CD Review : The Gathering "Souvenirs"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:38 CET

The Gathering cd review

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Two New Voltaire CDs!
Posted by: Matze @ 17:26 CET

"Just one year after the release of 'Boo Hoo', Voltaire is at it again! - The recording process for his upcoming EP 'Then Again' has begun, and the next LP 'Ooky Spooky!' is to follow afterwards. Currently, there is no information available on when either CD may be released, but they can be expected within the year.
More information is available on what to expect on each CD on the new Upcoming CDs page!"

source: http://www.voltaire.net

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Dong Open Air: new bands confirmed
Posted by: Matze @ 17:12 CET

18.7.-19.7.2003, Neukirchen-Vluyn, near Duisburg




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Wacken Open Air
Posted by: Matze @ 17:07 CET

31.7.-2.8.2003 - Wacken



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RockHarz Open Air
Posted by: Matze @ 17:02 CET

20.-21.06 2003 - Osterode am Harz

Dark At Dawn
Flowing Tears
End Of Green
The Atmosfear
Bed evilment


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3 Colours Red news
Posted by: Matze @ 11:35 CET

3 Colours Red, a british punkrock act featuring Chris McCormack (ex Forgodsake) and Keith Baxter (ex Skyclad), have posted the following message at their official homepage:

"3 Colours Red release their first single for over 3 years on May 19. 'Repeat To Fade' b/w 'Shopping Trolley Children' and 'Vitriol' is released on CD only by hip new rock label Mighty Atom (Funeral For A Friend, Liberty 37).
3 Colours Red re-formed last spring after a 2 year hiatus. The band, who have had two top 20 albums and eight top 40 singles played a sell-out 10 date UK tour last November before entering the studio with the man who mixed their hugely successful 'Revolt' album in 1999 Chris Sheldon (whose other clients include Foo Fighters, Idlewild and Hell Is For Heroes) to record the three tracks that make up the single.

3 Colours Red are currently on a six-week European tour with German punk band The Donots."

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New Martin Walkyier Project: The Clan Destined
Posted by: Matze @ 10:45 CET

From www.martinwalkyier.com:

"I've just returned from Norway, where I have been meeting interesting people and working on brand-new material. High amongst the snow-capped peaks and Norwegain fjords The Clan Destined was born. You'll be hearing more about this new project very soon."

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Thursday, March 6, 2003

CD Review: Darkthrone - "Hate Them"
Posted by: Max @ 7:53 CET

...is in "DISCussion" part of the message board. Well, you know that...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Finntroll: New mix of songs
Posted by: Matze @ 7:33 CET

from www.finntroll.net:

Trollhorn has put together a mix of the upcoming Visor om Slutet -cd
Download it here [1,30MB]

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Monday, March 3, 2003

CD Review : Qntal "III - Tristan and Isolde"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:13 CET

Review by Turismoclad

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Iced Earth enters studio in april
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:59 CET

EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer has posted the following update to the band's official web site, www.icedearth.com:

"We will begin recording around the first week of April. I am very happy with the way things are going. I've never felt so good and excited about a record before, this will really be a special one.

"A while back I was working on a song called 'Gettysburg' and it was a nice piece of music but it really wasn't giving me what I felt I needed to tell the story of what went on there 140 years ago. It's nearly impossible in 5-6 minutes of music. So around Super Bowl weekend I scrapped the original idea and started writing what I hope will be the biggest and best epic I've ever written. It has, without a doubt, been the most challenging subject matter and emotionally taxing undertaking that I've ever tackled. It will be just about 30 minutes long and told in 3 parts, one for each day of the battle. It will be called 'Gettysburg (1863)' but will consist of 3 songs entitled 'The Devil to Pay', 'Hold at all Costs', and 'High Water Mark'. I will be hiring the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to perform on it, as well as a few parts on a couple of other songs. I am working on string sections and the other symphony parts now and finishing up lyrics on it and on some of the other tunes.

"Here are some more titles, these are pretty much final. 'Declaration Day', 'When the Eagle Cries', 'The Reckoning (Don't Tread On Me)', 'Greenface', 'Red Baron/Blue Max', 'Attila', 'Waterloo', 'Valley Forge', 'A Gift or A Curse?' and 'Hollow Man'. This release will take up nearly every available minute on the CD format, because you deserve it!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick update and fill you in on what's happening. I think SPV is looking at a late August early September release.
I'll be in touch one more time before tracking begins.

"By the way, if any of you are history buffs, I'm opening a new shop in Columbus, IN called Spirit of 76 Collectibles. We'll be selling historical artwork, miniatures, sculptures, die cast tanks and planes and all kinds of very cool stuff related to world history. It will be the only shop in the mid-west like it. We'll be open in about 2 weeks, so if you're in the area, stop in and see us."

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Sunday, March 2, 2003

re-Vision news
Posted by: Matze @ 16:59 CET

From www.re-vision.org:

"Hi! The first gig with [new vocalist] Anke will take place at the 13rd of March at the "Tenne" in Hamm, a great new Metal-club owned by Victor Smolski (among others guitar-player in Rage), maybe there will also be a drum-workshop with Mike Terrana at that same evening, but that's not quite sure yet, so check out the Metal-events-button at www.victorsmolski.de for news about that. You'd better be there, C-Ya!


PS: Don't forget to check out the excerpts from our latest demo 'Deconstructed'!"

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Suicidal Tendencies news
Posted by: Matze @ 15:59 CET

From www.suicidaltendencies.com:

"[...] Third, the recording has gone better than expected, although we've been slowed down by some untimely surfing accidents, and personal responsibilities that have required several of the members to leave town for various reasons.
We will probably continue to record again next month and it looks very promising that we will get a new cd out this year. In the meantime, we have been meeting with several people and doing some reorganization with the prospect of full on new cd and tour.
We've also been working with some very exciting people and hope to have some of there music availabe for you all to sample real soon.  

Lastly, we are in the process of making a FRIENDS AND FAMILY 3 CD.
We'll have more info on the bands, songs, etc at the beginning of next month.
Till then, 


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Tempest news
Posted by: Matze @ 15:55 CET

From www.tempestmusic.com:

"Please join us in welcoming Irish guitarist Ronan Carroll to our 2003 lineup. Ronan relocated here to the Bay Area from Dublin a few years ago, and we are delighted to have his talent in the band! Joel is not able to tour with us this year, so we wish him luck in his continuing adventures.
With our new CD coming out in the Spring, there are lots of exciting touring plans in the making. We are kicking off the year with a warm-up gig at Berkeley?s Starry Plough, before our annual Winter concert at the Veteran's Memorial Theatre with Golden Bough. We are looking forward to seeing you at the shows!"

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