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November 2002

Saturday, November 30, 2002

Interview with Sakis (Rotting Christ)
Posted by: Stéphane @ 16:58 CET

Georgiozzz has made a very interesting interview with Sakis from the greek black metal band Rotting Christ.
Check it ! Interview with Sakis

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Friday, November 29, 2002

Elvenking news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:54 CET

Italian "pagan metal" act ELVENKING have announced the addition of singer Kleid and violinist/keyboardist Elyghen to the group's ranks.

Kleid replaces Damnagoras, who left the band in August due to health reasons, while Elyghen had previously worked with the group in a session musician capacity and has now been upgraded to a full-fledged member status.

ELVENKING have completed the songwriting process for the upcoming CD and will tentatively enter the studio in January to record the effort for a late spring release.

Among the cuts set to appear on the as-yet-untitled follow-up to "Heathenreel" are the following:

01. Pathfinders
02. Jigsaw Puzzle
03. The Prepetual Knot
04. Midnight Circus
05. The Moonchariot

"Ex-SKYCLAD frontman and actual singer of RETURN TO THE SABBAT Martin Walkyier wrote the lyrics for one song, and the collaboration in the album sure will not stop here, you'll see (or better, you'll hear...)! As in 'Heathenreel', Mr. Travis Smith will take care of the artwork. He will try to give it a very strong runic atmosphere, let's wait and see."

taken from blabbermouth.net

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

King's X News:
Posted by: Matze @ 22:13 CET

from www.kingsx.net:

RUMORS: (from a good source)
.New album tentatively scheduled for an april or may 2003 release
.King's X to tour with THIN LIZZY in February
.King's X will be touring extensively for the next few years to increase their fan base as radio is a cash only business these days (clear channel is the devil)

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Congress passes Small Webcaster Settlement Act!!!
Posted by: Stéphane @ 18:16 CET

"In a stunning victory for webcasting, both the Senate and the House of Representatives unanimously passed a revised version of H.R. 5469 late last night that clears the way for copyright owners to offer webcasters a percentage-of-revenues royalty rate, essentially allowing the parties to mutually agree to override the CARP decision of last spring.

The Senate passed the bill at 10:32PM ET and the House passed it at 2:44AM. It now goes to President Bush for his signature.

The bill was actively supported by virtually all players on both sides of the debate this year, including the record industry, artist representatives, large webcasters, small webcasters, college radio representatives, and religious broadcasters.

In what was viewed as a surprise by some observers, the legislative staff in the office of retiring Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) (pictured) apparently played an active and valuable role in crafting what the parties concluded was a much better piece of legislation than the one Helms blocked at the last moment late last month (here)".

taken from save internet radio.org

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Monday, November 25, 2002

Finntroll refuse to play with Manowar!
Posted by: Max @ 13:19 CET

Here’s something REALLY unexpected!
Finnish Finntroll, who were supposed to open for Manowar, during band’s appearance in Helsinki, have cancelled their show!
Apparently Manowar’s management requested $2.000 from Finntroll to have an opportunity to play before "Kings of Metal". Of course the Finns rejected this ridiculous offer and after all cancelled their appearance on that evening.
Manowar did not comment on the situation, although some words about it would be right on time: the only band which still stands for the purity of the style and the superiority of the idea over the finances, is about to face the most difficult dilemma of its’ history.
It turns out that all the words about "playing loudest metal", "staying true to the fans" and "kneeling to no man" after all were just words?
Seems to me like we were ripped off once again, an this time by the least band expected…


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Thy Majestie live
Posted by: Matze @ 7:18 CET

Thy Majestie will support Vision Divine in the following dates:

19th December : Codevilla (Pavia) at Thunder Road, Italy
20th December : Treviso at New Age, Italy
22nd December : Milano at Rolling Stone, Italy

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

CD Review : N.F.I. "no life til Gouyette!"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 11:26 CET

Hi! I've just reviewed french punk rock/hardcore band NO FUCKIN IDEA's new cd intitled "no life til Gouyette!"
Good good stuff!
Check them...
N.F.I.'s cd review

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CD Review: L.A. Guns - "Waking The Dead"
Posted by: Max @ 3:21 CET

I keep exploring the Glam Rock mine and have just posted a small story about L.A. GUNS - the band, whose name I carved on my ceiling once. Yeah, I was totally wild back in the days…

Anyway, go to "Reviews" section and check it out, and I’ll go back to writing my research about "Hair bands".

See you soon. ;)

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Saturday, November 23, 2002

New children of bodom tracklist
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:54 CET

the finns children of bodom have revelaed the list of
tracks and the cover for long awaited album "hate crew
deathtoll", a disc which is to be releases on 7th
january by the intermediary spinefarm records. the
album was recorded in the astia stusio and mastered
at finnvox, both studios being situated in finland.
here is the complete list of tracks which will be
found on this album.

1. Needled 24/7 (4:08)
2. Sixpuonder (3:24)
3. Chokehold (Cocked 'n Loaded') (4:12)
4. Bodom Beach Terror (4:35)
5. Angels Don't Kill (5:13)
6. Triple Corpse Hammerblow (4:07)
7. You're Better Off Dead (4:01)
8. Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood (3:25)
9. Hate Crew Deathroll (3:33)

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Control denied without Schuldiner
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:53 CET

Although the leader of the group control, chuck schuldinger,
died in december of last year, the other members of the
group - bassist steve digiorgio, singer tim aymar, guitarist
shannon hamm and drummer richard christy - will reunite at
the beginning of next year in order to finalise the work
on the album "when machine and man collide".
"i know that you were worried and believe that the new
control denied album was no longer going to be released,
but we needed first of all the clarify some legal problems,
which have taken care of chuck's desire" said jane
schuldinger, chuck's mother. "now the work has been
settled and after the 1st of the new year, the work must
start. it's the most important thing in our lives at this
moment, to guarantee that we will carry out chuck's desire
to release this album. i have a special email address
created to respond to questions: controldeniedalbum@yahoo.com".
it seems that the drums and many of the guitar parts have
already been recorded, following that ayman and digiorgio
will record their parts, the final stage consisting the
mixing and the mastering of the material. it's how
steve shows his tribute brought to chuck, "it's very
sad that couldn't see this disc finished. we will try
to finish it ourselves in his honour, but we will never
know if it will rise to his level of expectations. but
at least there's so much we could for something for which
has presented so much more and taken enormous
care of his work".

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Amorphis in studio
Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:52 CET

on the 18th november the finns amorphis entered Finnvox studio
in helsinki in order to record a new album. The group are not
at the moment under contract with a record label, but the new
disc is predicted to appear in the summer of 2003, under the
aegis of one of the companies whose hasn't been divulged.
"The return to the group of snoopy (drummer jan rechberger)
has changed the music rather a lot. i believe that our new
album will be a mixture between old and modern elements"
explained guitarist esa holopainen. presently the title
of the album hasn't been revealed and neither the names of
any tracks. pasi koskinen, amorphis' vocalist, is working
presently on a new album of his black metal project, ajattara.
the disc, entitled "kuomela" (death) is going to appear in
march 2003

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Friday, November 22, 2002

Star One to release a live cd and a dvd
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:12 CET

STAR ONE, the project led by AYREON mastermind Arjen Lucassen (ex-BODINE, VENGEANCE), will issue a live CD and DVD recorded during the band's recent Intergalactic Space Crusaders European tour.

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Sonata Arctica news
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:09 CET

Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARCTICA have set "Winterheart's Guild" as the title of their upcoming CD, which is due to be released on Feb. 22 in Japan and Mar. 17 in Finland. "Winterheart's Guild" features a guest appearance by keyboardist Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS/ex-DIO), who plays on four of the album's cuts.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Interview : Time Curve Symmetry
Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:51 CET

Hi, I've just finished to translate my interview with the promising french metal band Time Curve Symmetry.
If you don't know them, check them!! They're worth!!!

Interview with TCS

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CD Review: Ben Schor "Nowhere On My Own"
Posted by: Pax @ 19:21 CET

Ahoy, just added a review of the debut album of one of LA's up and coming musicians. Enjoy!

Ben Schor: Nowhere On My Own

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Summer Festivals 03: first bands confirmed
Posted by: Matze @ 21:49 CET

Bang Your Head festival, Balingen, Germany - http://www.bang-your-head.de:


Wacken Open Air, Germany - http://www.wacken-open-air.de:


Summer Breeze Open Air, Abtsgmünd, Germany - http://www.summer-breeze.de:


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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Skyclad update
Posted by: Matze @ 10:47 CET

Skyclad have posted the following upate over at www.skyclad.co.uk:

12th November 2002 - Somethings happening!

After a very long spell of silence from the Clad web which we do apologize for but the work on new material is taking precedence over site maintenance at the moment which I hope you all can understand this slight diversion of our free time into the mammoth construction which will soon be our next studio album. Work is currently going very well on the new songs with 13 now recorded and another 10 still to get down and before you ask, no it's not going to be a double album we are just recording lots of tracks so we can then sort the men from the boys so to speak.

Kevin is currently working on a full studio report from the singer/writer/guitarist/producers point of view which we shall get up on the site soon. I know there has been a lot of speculation on the message board of late about the direction of the new material so just to clarify the situation to the curious you shall be receiving for release early next year (and don't forget it will be available through the web site first) one of the heaviest clad albums so far. Just to prove to the skeptics out there who think we're not really in the studio but just spending all our time in the local pub's, here are a few shots of us in action, there will be more pic's to follow and a full track listing soon and possibly some very brief mp3's of a couple of new songs if your very lucky (or if you would like to pay us large sums of cash this might help ;) !!!

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Saturday, November 9, 2002

The Dreamside in studio!
Posted by: Stéphane @ 23:23 CET

The DreamSide is in the Studio again! The first new songs are finished and are being recorded.

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New Iinkubus Sukkubus song at mp3.com
Posted by: Stéphane @ 22:47 CET

Inkubus Sukkubus has put their newest song for download at mp3.com
"Stars of Venus".

Inkubus Sukkubus mp3.com

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Medwyn Goodall to release a DVD
Posted by: Stéphane @ 22:42 CET

"The Medwyn's Cornwall DVD.........
is in its last month of soundtrack production! By December it will progress to post production for mastering and then duplication. By Feb-March we hope to release it here on the website. The contents now include a main feature; which is footage of Cornwall filmed through the seasons set to an original soundtrack, with myself merged with the film performing solos. Extra features include Out-takes (Bloopers); The making of a track - which is the study of myself at work in the studio writing a track and developing it from start to finish; a short narration with deleted scenes discussing the making of the film; and a Studio Tour narrated by myself."
Taken from Medwyn's site

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New Dreaditorial
Posted by: Stéphane @ 22:01 CET

Just posted a new dreaditorial (it was highly time).*

"The link between music and food"

Illustrating our monday penny chats turning into cook recipes talks, i've had the silly idea for that one.

Take your seat and enjoy the meal.
Dreaditorial : The link between music and food

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Killing Joke Complete Comeback CD, Prepare To Hit The Road
Posted by: Matze @ 9:14 CET

The reunited KILLING JOKE — featuring vocalist Jaz Coleman, guitarist Geordie, bassist Paul Raven (ex- PRONG), and drummer Ted Parsons (ex-GODFLESH/PRONG) — have set "The Death & Resurrection Show" as the title of their new album, which was recently tracked in London and Los Angeles with producer Andy Gill for an early 2003 release.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Dark Forces
02. The House That Pain Built
03. Zennen
04. Future Shock
05. Loose Cannon
06. Total Invasion
07. You'll Never Get To Me
08. Red Sky
09. Inferno
10. Blood On Your Hands
11. The Death & Resurrection Show
12. Asteroid
13. Tailspin
14. Implant

The CD, which is said to feature guest appearances from members of TOOL and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, will be followed by a world tour — dubbed "End Of The World" — in early 2003.

source: blabbermouth.net

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Celtic Frost Re-Envisioned
Posted by: Matze @ 8:27 CET

Starting in the second half of October, Celtic Frost have begun the initial part of the recording sessions for the group's new - seventh - album, tentatively titled "Probe".

As has been anticipated by a variety of sources, including H2CF's own discussion forum, the group consists of the classic "To Mega Therion" and "Into the Pandemonium"-era line-up of Reed St.Mark (drums/percussion), Martin Eric Ain (bass/vocals), and Tom Gabriel Fischer (voice/guitars/keyboards), along with Fischer's long-time songwriting partner and co-founder of Apollyon Sun, guitarist/producer Erol Unala. After initial meetings with the original members of Celtic Frost in Zurich and New York in summer of 2000, Unala became an increasingly integral and important part of the re-envisioned Celtic Frost in the course of the subsequent extended development and songwriting sessions. H2CF understands that it has been Martin Ain and Erol Unala who together have written some of the forthcoming album's most unusual pieces so far.

It is expected that a number of guests will also participate on the album before the conclusion of the recordings (at present tentatively scheduled for early 2003).

The current recording sessions encompass pre-production, basic tracks, overdubs, vocals and initial guest performances. These early sessions are taking place at Oakland Recording in Switzerland, owned by longtime AS and CF engineer and friend, Walter Schmid. Fischer: "We have taken eight songs to Oakland so far, and most of these will be finished to full album standard. Those that won't will still feature basic tracks recorded to album standard, and they will be production demos, later to be worked on to also become proper album songs. In parallel, we are preparing a further handful of new songs and are also still writing fresh material. At some point in the coming months, we will shift the recording sessions to England, where we will also mix the entire album, according to the current plans."

The recording sessions were preceded by months of writing and pre-production work at the group's rehearsal studio (named "Die Anstalt", on loan from Apollyon Sun) in Zurich, Switzerland, and at Fischer's and Unala's own home recording facilities, Blaswerk and DDR72 respectively.

The material so far being prepared for possible inclusion on the "Probe" album includes "Silence", "November", "Lore", "Seed of Tranquility", "Beloved" (a substantially rewritten version of "Pearl of Love" from the unreleased "Under Apollyon Sun" album), "Totgetanzt", "Lost Cynic Rover", "Patriarch", "The Dark", "Wanker God", "Winter (Requiem Part III: End)", "Leaves and Hunger", "The Dying I", "Resurgam", along with a cover version (with lead vocals performed by Martin Ain) which the group still keeps under wraps. At this time, some of the songs (such as "November", Totgetanzt" and the cover version) are already fully finished and await mastering.

Both Ain and Fischer describe the album as "dark, risky, adventurous, strange, and heavy in a variety of ways".

H2CF is exclusive global source for news on future developments.

source: H2CF

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Friday, November 8, 2002

Jason McMaster: The new WatchTower (Mathematics) is not ready.
Posted by: Matze @ 13:03 CET

Attention... Since we have released the information about WatchTower releasing an ALL NEW CD...MATHEMATICS.. people will not leave it alone. They won't let WatchTower sleep... I receive emails everyday from hardcore WatchTower fans, living and breathing the arrival of MATHEMATICS..... a release long awaited of course. The revival has definitely started with the reformation of the almost original line up, and the reunion at BANG YOUR HEAD/ BALINGEN GERMANY JULY 1 2000.

I am sorry to give you no new information on MATHEMATICS. It is only the mention of the word MATHEMATICS that has thrown fans into a frenzy for new material from WatchTower. We apologize sincerely for possible premature mention and "coming soon" tactics for the release of this seemingly "legendary before it's own time" release from WatchTower. It's not happening any faster.

The best thing about this mess, is that we know how much WatchTtower might mean to some of you, and this is very pleasing. Please do not give up, but do not expect months to be the clock, it has been years and might take years to complete MATHEMATICS.

Accept this as a letter of intent, intentions are as said, to complete and release this CD, but not in due time.

keep the faith, defend the faith.

source: www.marathoncd.com/watchtower

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Chris Poland to release a Jazz Rock Album
Posted by: Matze @ 13:01 CET

Former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland's new project OHM, a Los Angeles-based jazz rock trio consisting of major label and studio musicians, have finalized the track listing for their self- titled debut CD, due in early 2003 via Lion Music. It is as follows:

01. Peanut Buddha
02. Lovesong
03. Came To Believe
04. ID
05. Between US
06. Where's My Hat?
07. Sister Cheryl
08. Brandenberg Gate
09. Iguana
10. Bastille Day
11. Search For the Suicide King
12. Ohmage
13. The Mountain
14. Tin Man

source: blabbermouth.net

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Thursday, November 7, 2002

Wacken 2003 : 3 first bands announced
Posted by: Stéphane @ 20:03 CET

And the winners are :

Edit Matze: According to our top secret sources :D Waltari have been confirmed, too!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Band Of Month : Modena City Rumblers
Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:07 CET

Tiago has just promoted Modena City Rumblers as new band of the month.
Check what he has to say about them here :

Band of month

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CD Review : The Levellers "Green Blade Rising"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 17:17 CET

Cladmaniac is back with the review of "Green Blade Rising" by The Levellers.

Read it here.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Gig Review : Gary Numan, London, Sept 02
Posted by: Stéphane @ 22:31 CET

Jaxtraw has made a very interesting review of Gary Numan's gig in London this september.
Read it here :
Gary Numan 's gig review

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CD Review : Kitaro "Mandala"
Posted by: Stéphane @ 19:46 CET

BJ 's back to review that excellent Kitaro album "Mandala".
Enjoy it there :

Kitaro 'mandala' review

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Monday, November 4, 2002

New review...
Posted by: Max @ 12:08 CET

Yeah, I wrote another review. Wanna know what is it about? Go check it out. :)

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Sunday, November 3, 2002

Dark Sanctuary : album delayed
Posted by: Stéphane @ 15:52 CET

The new album "l'être las - l'envers du miroir" is delayed, due to an error of manufacture. It will be available near the end of November.

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Within Temptation DVD details
Posted by: Stéphane @ 9:47 CET

On November 22, the long awaited DVD will be released!!! But all the waiting will be rewarded! The DVD contains a FULL LIVE CONCERT, filmed at Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop,Lowlands, as well as in the Broerekerk, Zwolle. Furthermore the DVD contains a unique backstage documentary, a 'Making of...' of the album Mother Earth and it's cover sleeve, interviews with the band, the Music Videos of The Dance, Ice Queen and Mother Earth plus... the accoustical version of Ice Queen with violins!
The FULL LIVE CONCERT can be listened at in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround quality.
All together, the DVD contatins 3 hours of unique material.

Moreover...... The DVD Box will contain a FREE live CD!!! On this live CD you will find the complete registration of the Lowlands concert in August of this year.

The DVD Box will be accompanied by a 16-pages booklet with spectaculair photos and all the lyrics!!!

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Saturday, November 2, 2002

New Reviews and Interview
Posted by: Pax @ 6:15 CET

Right, I've added a review of Nevermore:Dreaming Neon Black, Seraphim Shock: Red Silk Vow, Nevermore Live in Concert, and an Interview with one of my heroes Karl Logan of Manowar. And I've added photos to the Bizarre Vampire Bazaar review! So at your convenience, head over to the message board and browse away!

Can I get a Hail Ed on three?

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Friday, November 1, 2002

Louisa John-Krol finishes recording new cd
Posted by: Stéphane @ 11:42 CET

Recording of Louisa's new album is complete,
produced at Pilgrim Arts, Adelaide,
by co-songwriter/multi-musician Brett Taylor.

Featuring guest artists listed in our earlier News,
the album includes poetry by Emily Dickinson.

Louisa is also making a CD with students
at Dandenong High School, Melbourne,
renowned for its innovative programs for
new immigrants from various nations.

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