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February 2002

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Skyclad - "No Daylights..." release date
Posted by: Matze @ 23:02 CET

  • Release date for sale on http://www.skyclad.co.uk: 11th March 2002
  • General release, on sale in shops etc: 11th May 2002

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    CD Review: Shaman, "Shamaniac"
    Posted by: Max @ 8:15 CET

    I always knew that the international post must work way better than it does. I'm still waiting for my Shaman T-shirt, but the CD is finally here and it's...

    Check out the review :)


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    Sunday, February 24, 2002

    Mourning Caress News
    Posted by: Matze @ 16:48 CET

    The guys from Mourning Caress sent in the following:

    "Cheers People!

    Our debut-album is finally about to be unleashed upon this world! ?Imbalance? will be released through our label ARISE REC. and can be found in any decent record-store. To only define ?Imbalance? as ?Melodic Death Metal? would probably not comply with the diversity presented on the record. Straight forward dirty Rock, melodies with backbone shivers guaranteed and atmospheric acoustic-parts melt together on this album to create a stunning intensity ? our five souls are one on this CD. Creativity and feelings!

    The European version contains 10 songs ranging from midtempo-stompers to real hellbangers! Most of the versions outside Europe will probably contain a coverversion of Ozzy?s ?Crazy Train? as bonus-track. ?Imbalance? was produced by Andy Classen in his Stage One Studio, mastered by Mika Jussila in the famous Finnvox Studios and to round it up, the cover-artwork was created by Niklas Sundin. A constellation to our absolute satisfaction...

    The first review can be found in the latest Legacy issue:

    ?Absolutely Amazing? (Sascha Blach) 14 of 15 points

    We will also be present on stage, so watch out! Winter-sleep is definitely over!!!

    Mourning Caress and Buried Dreams (Mexiko) live:

    07.03. Hamburg, Headbangers Ballroom (+Support)

    08.03. Berlin, Knaack Club (w. Cenotaph and Mighty D)

    09.03. Münster, Paul-Gerhardt-Haus (Imbalance Releaseparty w. Delirious, Mindfield and Mabus)

    10.03. Osnabrück, GZ Ziegenbrink (only Buried Dreams and Spiritual Corpse!)

    Mourning Caress live:

    13.04. Osnabrück, GZ Ziegenbrink (w. World Down and Lilly Marlen)

    22.08 ? 24.08. Abtsgmünd, Summer Breeze Open Air

    19.10. Georgsmarienhütte, Tor III (w. Fortitude, Guerrilla and Branded Skin)

    For more information check our homepage:


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    Music Downloads pt. 3
    Posted by: Matze @ 16:35 CET

    Century Media - mp3:

    • Angel Dust - The Human Bondage
    • Arch Enemy - Burning Angel
    • Borknagar - Soulsphere
    • Carnal Forge - Hand of Doom
    • Flowing Tears - Serpentine
    • Moonspell - Firewalking
    • Novembre - Distance
    • Onward - Eye of the Nightmare
    • Solefald - Hyperhuman
    • Stormhammer - Sinners Soul
    • Stuck Mojo - Ten Years
    • Tad Morose - New Clear Skies
    • Tiamat - The Truth's for sale
    • Twin Obscenity - Bloodstone
    • Warmen - Trip To


    [real] Video
    • Tiamat - Vote for Love (high resolution)
    • Tiamat - Vote for Love (low resolution)
    • Tiamat - Vote for Love (high resultion) Windows Media Format
    • Tiamat - Vote for Love (low resultion) Windows Media Format
    • Nevermore - What Tommorow Knows
    • Nevermore - What Tommorow Knows (high resolution)
    • Nevermore - Next In Line
    • Nevermore - Next In Line (high resolution)
    • Skinlab - Second Skin
    • Cryptopsy - White Worms
    • Moonspell - Butterfly FX
    • Rotting Christ - After Dark I Feel
    • Iced Earth - Melancholy
    • Sentenced - Killing me killing you
    • Samael - Infra Galaxia
    • Tiamat - Brighter than the Sun

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    More Music Downloads
    Posted by: Matze @ 16:26 CET

    This time from SPV.de:

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    Music downloads
    Posted by: Matze @ 16:16 CET

    Metal Blade has some new mp3s online:

    • Bludgeon - "Smoke Screen" from "Crucify The Priest"
    • Cannibal Corpse - "Hatchet To The Head" from "Gore Obsessed"
    • The Crown - "Under The Whip" from "Crowned In Terror"
    • Vomitory - "Chaos Fury" from "Blood Rapture"
    • Chinchilla - "War Machine" from "The Last Millenium"
    • Falconer - "Enter The Glade" from "Chapters From A Vale Forlorn"
    • Callenish Circle "Obey me" from "Flesh-Power-Dominion"

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    Gamma Ray re-release
    Posted by: Matze @ 15:55 CET

    "Sanctuary Records are re-releasing the first six Gamma Ray studio albums over the coming weeks. All albums have been digitally remastered and are coming as exclusive digi-packs with a new cover artwork and with several bonus tracks."

    For more info check out www.gamma-ray.com.

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    Posted by: Matze @ 15:36 CET

    RAGE - Unity
    March 13th

    ANNIHILATOR - Waking The Fury
    March 18th

    GRAVE DIGGER - Tunes Of Wacken (CD/DVD)
    March 23rd

    UNLEASHED - Hell´s Unleashed
    April 29th

    ANTHRAX- Taking The Music Back
    June 24th

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    Saturday, February 23, 2002

    New Manowar Tour Dates
    Posted by: Pax @ 8:10 CET

    Manowar US and European Tour Dates from The Kingdom of Steel

    U.S. TOUR
    March 30 Jaxx Niteclub W Springfield, VA
    March 31 Thunderdome Baltimore, MD
    April 2 Fester And Friends @ CLUB 125 Haverhill, MA
    April 3 Valentine's Albany, NY
    April 5 Flying Machine Lorraine, OH
    April 6 Metal Meltdown IV Asbury Park, NJ

    June 7 Summer Rocks 2002 Budapest, Hungary
    June 9 Gods Of Metal Festival Milan, Italy
    July 13 Lorca Rock Festival Lorca, Spain

    Dammit, why is the phrase 'Los Angeles' not included in that? Stephane, you damn well better git yo'self down to Italy for Gods of Metal, do it for Ed!

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    Friday, February 22, 2002

    Skyclad history
    Posted by: Matze @ 14:06 CET

    Just got the following email:

    Could you please link to the following SKYCLAD related links please:

    SKYCLAD: http://www.rockdetector.com/artist.asp?ID=8159
    SABBAT: http://www.rockdetector.com/artist.asp?ID=7594
    SATAN: http://www.rockdetector.com/artist.asp?ID=7727
    PARIAH: http://www.rockdetector.com/artist.asp?ID=6749

    Thank you!"

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    NILE in studio
    Posted by: Max @ 8:09 CET

    Nile will enter the studio on March 4th to begin recording their as-yet untitled third full-length album for Relapse Records. The band will record almost an hour of material including the tracks "The Blessed Dead", "Execration Text", "In Their Darkened Shrines", "Sarcophagus", "Churning the Maelstrom" and "Unas Slayer of the Gods". The guitarist of the band, Karl Sanders, promises it to be "the strongest Nile album yet!".

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    Stratovarius - back for attack!
    Posted by: Max @ 8:03 CET

    Stratovarius seems to be the band that doesn?t keep promises. Which is a good thing in this case: Timo Tolkki and his boys are back from their break 1 year earlier than it was expected and now busy rehearsing and writing songs for the next album. The approximate release date is January 2003.

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    Wednesday, February 20, 2002

    Primus Re-Releases
    Posted by: Matze @ 23:07 CET

    From LesClaypool.com:

    "Primus' first album 'Suck On This', the live classic recorded at the infamous Berkeley Square, and the band's 1990 studio debut 'Frizzle Fry' are now digitally remastered and set to be re-released on April 23, 2002. Frizzle Fry includes a bonus track of the extremely rare cover medley of the Residents' "Hello Skinny/Constantinople". Both CDs can be pre-ordered beginning Monday, February 25 through Club Bastardo. Other new and upcoming merch items include Oysterhead guitar tabs, Primus bass tabs, and the final stash of Primus brown beer bottle shirts!

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    Saturday, February 16, 2002

    Arch Enemy: US dates, new old album
    Posted by: Matze @ 8:20 CET

    Taken from the CENTURY MEDIA WEEKLY NEWSLETER - 2-15-02:

    "After destroying Santiago, Chile and before they annihilate Japan, ARCH ENEMY are seizing the opportunity to make the most of their layover in Los Angeles on March 5th by playing a west coast show, showcasing their new material well before Wages Of Sin's April 2nd release date! Taken and Crematorium will open for the band at the Troubadour.

    The band will make their east coast debut at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts the weekend of April 5th & 6th. For more information about the event, visit www.metalandhardcorefestival.com.

    Wages Of Sin is already receiving rave reviews and the album won't be coming out for a couple months - this is one of the most highly anticipated metal albums of the year, to say the least. To see the artwork for the "Rare & Unreleased" second cd that will accompany the domestic version of Wages Of Sin, check the news section of the band's website.

    edit Matze: "Wages Of Sin" will be released (in the US/Europe) on 2nd April.

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    Vintersorg / Steve DiGiorgio news
    Posted by: Matze @ 8:14 CET

    Taken from the official Vintersorg homepage:

    "The band Vintersorg exults at the announcement that Steve Digiorgio will pick up his basses to give away some pulse virtuosity on the upcoming Vintersorg album "Visions from the spiral generator"... an album where lots of elements are synthesized, from extreme metal, via a progressive approach, to acoustic melodism and cosmic moods.
    Steve is known from bands like Death, Testament, Sadus, Control denied,etc...

    The recording with Digiorgio will take place on 8 and 9 March in USA. Vintersorg will cross the ocean, bringing the recorded material with him.

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    Friday, February 15, 2002

    New Band Of The Month - AREA 54
    Posted by: Nomad @ 15:39 CET

    I know it's been ages since I last wrote for Pennydreadful so I've added a new band of the month to the Pennydreadful archives, to find out about my choice of AREA 54 follow this link.

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    Death Rock Ballet
    Posted by: Matze @ 8:18 CET

    The Entombed / Royal Swedish Ballet co-operation "UNREAL ESTATE" has its premiere (at the Royal Opera Hall in Stockholm) tonight. More info some press photos are available here and here respectively.

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    Thursday, February 14, 2002

    Skyclad 'no daylight nor heeltaps' tracklist
    Posted by: Stéphane @ 22:15 CET

    Source : BOMBJOUR - the french webzine dedicated to Skyclad.

    Here's the tracklist for the new release :
    MAIN CD :


    BONUS CD :


    Duncan Storr made the artwork again so we can expect something very special as always...
    Last but not least it seems the single 'swords of a thousand men' got really much played on UK radios and the band gets more support from the label than they had in all their history!

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    Posted by: Matze @ 10:02 CET

    Searching the web for reviews of Skyclad's "Swords..." single I realized that we still haven't posted one at Penny... Argh!

    Well, you can read my short (better-late-than-never-) article here.

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    Monday, February 11, 2002

    CD Review: Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness
    Posted by: Max @ 11:28 CET

    I just added a review on Immortal's new CD - "Sons Of Northern Darkness".
    You know where to find it :)

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    Sunday, February 10, 2002

    CD Review: Vintersorg - Ödemarkens Son
    Posted by: Matze @ 17:45 CET

    Hoegni has posted a review of Vintersorg's second full length album "Ödemarkens Son".

    Read it here.

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    Rhapsody - "Rain Of A Thousand Flames" review
    Posted by: Max @ 11:59 CET

    Hello everybody!
    There's a small review on Rhapsody's new mini album "Rain Of A Thousand Rains".
    Hope you'll like it:)

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    Manowar:Warriors of the World
    Posted by: Pax @ 8:20 CET

    News from the Kingdom of Steel:

    MANOWAR Album Title And Release Date Announced!

    It is Official! MANOWAR's latest recording, Warriors Of The World, will be released on Monday, May 27, 2002. In Europe, the album will be preceded on April 15, 2002 by the single "Warriors of the World United."

    Warriors Of The World is a fierce, unrelenting rollercoaster ride of sounds and metallic flavors; a breathtaking listening experience that is certain to appeal to both the band’s cross section of fans and aficionados of grand, epic music. Manowar has once again fanned the flames of the fiery beast known the world over as heavy metal.

    Among Warriors Of the World other tracks are:

    1. "Warriors of the World United" (A classic Manowar-styled anthem with an epic metal chorus, sure to be sung by everyone across the world.)

    2. "Swords in the Wind" (Grand, epic and dramatic are only a few of the words that describe this tale of warrior bravery.)

    3. "Nessun Dorma"” (Pure art and pure opera combined with the melodic power and might that could only be done by Manowar and Manowar alone.)

    4. "Hand of Doom" ("Vengeance is mine," said the Lord. It may belong to the Lord, but he has chosen Manowar to bring it to the world in a tale of fierce mystical revenge.)

    5. "Call to Arms" (Inevitably will become to Warriors Of The World what "Hail and Kill" is to Kings Of Metal. This epic is a call to all fans the world over to hail the glory of being a Manowar fan and join in the celebration of metal and might.)

    Produced by the members of MANOWAR, Warriors Of The World is destined to become another jewel in the crown of the Kings of Metal.

    Okay, Ed now has reason to live past February 28th. Oh Gods, I can't wait!

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    Thursday, February 7, 2002

    CD Review : Lost Horizon 'awakening the world'
    Posted by: Stéphane @ 12:30 CET

    Armand de Sade has just made one of his fantastic reviews.
    This time it's about Lost Horizon 'awakening the world'.
    Extra, extra, read all about it!

    Lost horizon review

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    Wednesday, February 6, 2002

    CD Review : the no smoking orchestra : 'unza unza time'
    Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:51 CET

    I've just reviewed the latest no smoking orchestra cd : "unza unza time".
    Enjoy! No smoking orchestra review

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    Tuesday, February 5, 2002

    The Gathering : in studio
    Posted by: Stéphane @ 21:30 CET

    *** THE NEW ALBUM ***
    Mentioning the new album, we are still working very hard to record and
    finish some new tracks as we speak (or write... ;o) The Gathering will
    record until May 2002, and start mixing in June. Possible release date could
    be October 2002. Unfortunatly due to certain circumstances (labels, the fact
    we will not release it if they are not 100% satisfied) the album could be
    postponed until futher notice. Let's hope not, as we have some big plans
    this year.
    What can we say about the new album? To be honest, we had and still have
    quite a hard time. Everybody knows about our situation with Century Media.
    It costed sooo much energy we almost forgot the most important thing; the
    fun of making music by heart, and enjoy it 100%. I can write a book about
    it, but I will not.
    Some things are still rolling, so it is difficult to speak fully and
    honestly, but the main thing is we have the spirit back as it comes to
    writing music. The new album will contain the best tracks we ever wrote. It
    will be a piece of music, no fragments, but a true musical story, from the
    beginning to the end. Due to what happened the last 2 years the atmosphere
    is quite gloomy and dark, a sort of post-nightmare feeling. Sometimes sweaty
    and uncomfortable, sometimes haunting you. It's difficult to label the
    As I said, some tunes are on our homepages already, the two rockumentaries
    give a good indication of the band right now.

    Thanks to Jérôme for forwarding the newsletter.

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    Monday, February 4, 2002

    Annihilator mp3 clips
    Posted by: Matze @ 22:37 CET

    Two mp3 clips from the upcoming Annihilator album "Waking the Fury" can be downloaded from the the band's official homepage.

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    CD Review: King Diamond - Abigail II The Revenge
    Posted by: Matze @ 22:11 CET

    Armand De Sade has posted a review of King Diamond's new album "Abigail II - The Revenge" over at our review-board. Follow this link to read it.

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    Sunday, February 3, 2002

    More Bad News...
    Posted by: Pax @ 23:37 CET

    From the Moshking.com:

    It is with great sadness that I have to report that Paul Baloff, the original and current singer of the legendary Bay Area Thrash Band Exodus, has passed away after suffering a massive stroke. Steve Souza, who came after Paul Baloff to record with Exodus between 1987 - 1992, will return to Exodus to help the band complete current tour commitments. More details coming soon…

    Alright, what the f---? Why are there so many great musicians dying? First Chuck, now this. What the Hel?

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    Sentenced news
    Posted by: Pax @ 23:29 CET

    From the Sentenced Homegrave:

    Recordings of the news album has finished and mixing of the album starts tomorrow (Feb. 4th) at Finnvox-studios, Helsinki.
    Pasi Pauni, who directed Killing me, killing you -video, has chosen to direct also next Sentenced video.

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    Manowar to headline Summer Rocks 2002!
    Posted by: Pax @ 2:20 CET

    From the Kingdom of Steel:

    MANOWAR to Headline Summer Rocks 2002

    It is official! MANOWAR will headline Summer Rocks 2002, which takes place at the Petofi Hall in Budapest, Hungary on June 7 2002.

    For more information visit:

    This is truly the year of the Kings of Metal!

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    Saturday, February 2, 2002

    Skyclad news!!!!
    Posted by: Stéphane @ 10:28 CET

    Seen on the excellent Bombjour webzine :

    "Hi Stephane,

    How ya doin and Happy New Year !

    Sorry for the lack of input into the message board and web site but as I told you before I have been so busy with all the business shit I have had no time at all , the tax stuff went in yesterday so now I'm FREE , I can get some e-mails answered and over the next few weeks up date the site and work on a new design to incorporate the new CD art work etc .

    As for news ; We had a great Christmas tour but I have never been so cold in my life due to it been -15 Celsius most of the time we were away and also due to the bus we tour on having no heating for most of the tour !

    The No Daylights CD is almost finished we are just waiting to mix the bonus CD at the moment , there will be 10 trax on the main CD and 5 or 6 on the bonus , We have some of the art work ready now but we are just finalising the finished look at the moment . We are hoping to get it up for sale on the web site in February probably towards the end , then it should be in the shops in March or April . I'll send you a track listing when this is finalised .

    Work on the new CD with all original tracks has started but its early days to say what the over all sound will be like , we plan to record this in June/July this year for an autumn release but we will see how it goes we feel this CD should not be rushed so we'll just take as much time as it needs to get it right !

    Speak to you soon , all the best ,

    Bean "

    Bombjour - the french webzine dedicated to Skyclad

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    Friday, February 1, 2002

    Another Metal Opera?
    Posted by: Max @ 13:12 CET

    Beto Vasquez's Infinity, a medieval rock opera, will be released in Germany in March 2002.
    The line-up for this project includes Candice Night (Blackmore's Night), Tarja Turunen (Nightwish), Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge), Jorg Michael (Stratovarius), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody) and other famous metalheads.
    The question is - will these folks beat Tobias Sammet and his Avantasia?
    Everybody tremble!

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    Helloween - The Best Of
    Posted by: Max @ 7:23 CET

    According to Helloween's official website, the band's Best-Of record will be called "Treasure Chest". All of the songs have been remixed and remastered to modern standards.
    Unfortunately, the CD won't include any unreleased or rare material, so the old "die-hard" fans could be interested only in the nice packageing.
    There's still no release date for this CD, but here's the track list:
    CD 1
    1. Mr. Torture
    2. I Can
    3. Power
    4. Where The Rain Grows
    5. Eagle Fly Free
    6. Future World
    7. Metal Invaders
    8. Murderer
    9. Starlight
    10. How Many Tears
    11. Ride The Sky
    12. A Little Time
    13. A Tale That Wasn't Right
    14. I Want Out

    CD 2
    1. Keeper of The Seven Keys
    2. Dr. Stein
    3. The Chance
    4. Windmill
    5. Sole Survivor
    6. Perfect Gentleman
    7. In The Middle of a Heartbeat
    8. Kings Will Be Kings
    9. Time Of The Oath
    10. Forever & One
    11. Midnight Sun
    12. Mr. Ego
    13. Immortal
    14. Mirror Mirror

    Meanwhile, there's still no news about the guitarist replacement, bus as soon as the fifth band member will be announced - we'll inform you.

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